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Motivation… or lack there of

I think over the past few months I’ve made some sweeping statements about wanting to get back in shape, eat better, get healthy, lose weight, blah blah blah. Well, as you can guess based on the title of THIS post I haven’t really managed to stick with a single one of the plans that I’d previously laid out.

I talked about wanting to climb more days a week, or start running or doing some strength training…. well I’ve been climbing twice a week (most weeks)… and that’s about it. I talked about my BF and I starting to follow this meal planning thing so that we could eat fresh foods and healthy meals more often… well that lasted all of one week.

I have noticed that I go through spurts of time when I am HIGHLY motivated to meet my goals. I am almost always goal oriented when it comes to my work… I set a goal and work towards achieving it…. but in these other areas, my motivation seems to drop off and I lose interest or direction or energy or something. Believe me I KNOW that if I could manage to figure out how to eat better with some regularity and how to exercise four or maybe five times a week I’ve have way more energy to do way more things and I’d likely even feel way more motivated to keep going down the healthy lifestyle path I’d established. I know this because I was ON it for a year and a bit and I lost about 20 lbs and was in the best shape I’d been in in years. It was a wonderful feeling and I really do want to get back to that.

But, it’s INSANELY easy to lose your drive and motivation to do it. It’s so easy to say you’re too tired to cook – so you get take out or eat cereal. It’s even easier to say you’re tired so you sleep in or go home instead of going to work out. Or you have too much going on to ‘find the time’. Once you call into those traps – that are SO SO SO easy to fall into – it’s triple as hard to climb out of them and get back on track. Difficult, but not impossible. I think the trick is to not think about it so much and just set smaller goals. Rather than thinking about the final end goal… set up the smaller ones in between. Rather than changing everything about my eating habits to follow some meal plan, start by saying I’m going to cut out one bad thing. Rather than saying I will lose this much weight and work out every day – decide that I want to achieve a certain climbing level by a specific date and realize that the only way to achieve that is to practice and go more often.

So, while I can’t say with any certainty that either of these tactics will work for me, this is my new plan. I am going to cut out fried food – french fries, fried chicken, etc and replace it with veggies. And I am going to climb 5.9s cleanly (90% of the time) by Christmas. I am also setting a long term goal for myself to be 50% more fit than I am today before my sisters wedding (the date for which still has to be set). That may not mean losing any weight or any sizes.. but I want to be tones and strong and lean and very much back on track.

This plan starts with the new school year – right after labor day – and I will try and randomly share my progress. Right now I am not doing great in the food department, but I am climbing more 5.9s (not quite cleanly) than I was a month ago and on my way to getting stronger in that area. We’ll see how this goes. I need to dig deeper and find the motivation within myself to achieve all three of these goals. I can do it! That’s the first step – positive thinking 🙂


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Apartments & Migraines

Yeah, I know, I missed again yesterday. But I have a good reason.

Yesterday my BF and his buddy (and potential new roomie) needed to go look at a bunch of apartments and since I was at my BFs place I tagged along. It was kinda fun actually getting to go and look at all the different places they were being shown. In the end they did find something that they liked and applied for – so fingers crossed they get it. It’ll be one thing off my BFs list and one less thing that he has to worry about.

I’ve written about my migraines before… but I have to say again….. the thing that sucks the most about them is that they come out of nowhere and they end without explanation. And in the middle there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You try not to cry and you just lie there and attempt not to move or think or breathe or do anything. Sometimes noise is better than quiet – other times quiet is a must. Occasionally the dark bothers me more than the light – although that’s not common. Most times any amount of pressure of weight on my head will drive me around the bend.

And that my friends is why I didn’t write yesterday. By the time we got home from apartment hunting it was almost 4pm. We’d stopped on our way home to eat at Quiznos because we were both crazy hungry. Then we curled up to watch a movie (Layer Cake with Daniel Craig – it’s a good one of you haven’t seen it). By the end of the movie my head was KILLING me. One thing about me is that I don’t really like to admit how bad these headaches can be… I generally tend to downplay them and try to pretend to those around me that I don’t have an insane little elf hammering away in my head. So part way through the movie I got up and went into the bathroom to get some motrin (lots actually). When I came back in my BF asked if I was ok and I said I had a bit of a headache but was taking some meds. But by the end of the movie (with the pills still having done nothing for me which they never do and I often wonder why I keep trying that route) it was obvious that it was more than a ‘bit of a headache’. He’s only seen me with a migraine once before and the only thing that really helped was lying my head in his lap with him massaging my temples and neck. Last night he massaged my head and neck again and cooked me dinner so that I didn’t have to move for a couple of hours. That and the ice pack I kept at the base of my skull for 2+ hours finally managed to get rid of the headache. In the end it was a short lived migraine… but it was one of the more powerful ones I’ve had in awhile.

Sunday nights we generally go to Squeaks’ place to watch True Blood so I was resting up to still be able to go over there. Thankfully I made it through the show and since it was 11:30 when we got back home I just passed out and didn’t even think of writing – although I felt much much better by that point.

So yes, I missed my daily writing commitment last night. But if you’ve ever had even a hint of a migraine I think you can understand why.

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