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Great Weekends

This weekend was just generally a great great weekend. Most of it was taken up with stuff surrounding my BFs best friends wedding. Friday we did a bunch of running around, picked up another buddy in town for the wedding and headed out to Rockville for the rehearsal and all that goes along with that. Saturday was the big wedding. We got up early in the morning and picked up brunch. We headed to the groom’s house and spent most of the day cooking and chilling in the back yard. It was a gorgeous day…. and so much fun.

I have to say, being the only girl hanging with the ‘groomsmen’ as they relax and prepare for the big event was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. I’ve been with the “bridesmaids” in the past and done all the girl stuff…. but being on the other side of the wedding fence so to speak was very interesting. There were a few drinks, some general silliness, lots of great food and a ton of great conversation and a whole lot of laughs. The wedding itself was just completely gorgeous. The ceremony was beautiful. Everyone looked fantastic and just had an incredibly good time. At the reception they had a ‘photo booth’ and we got a bunch of really fun pictures that I need to scan before I can get them up here.

Today my BF’s buddy was still in town so we took him to our favorite local pub for brunch. Then dragged him out to watch us play the first game of our Sunday Softball league here in Arlington. Although a bit rainy… and the result was not all that favorable for our team…. it was a whole lot of fun (once again). After the game we got cleaned up and hit the movies for a little “Fast Five” action. It was typical of the series…. completely unrealistic and totally wonderful. If you liked the previous installments you will fully enjoy this one. And if you plan to go see it stay until after all the credits are over… trust me…. you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t. We ended our evening with some take out Asian and “The Fighter” – which was a pretty decent flick. Although a bit slower than I thought it was going to be. I think Christian Bale actually did a fantastic job portraying the strung out big brother and completely deserved his supporting actor oscar.

So, as I said in the beginning… this has been one of the best weekends I’ve had in ages. Not that my weekends are packed with good stuff. They are. This weekend was just exceptionally great and I am so happy that I was able to get to know some of the people that my BF is so close to. They are crazy and wonderful and hopefully people we’ll be friends with for a very long time.


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Love being Productive

Today is GORGEOUS outside and I’d love to be outside enjoying the sunshine. My sunday afternoon softball team started today but I decided not to go. My BF is out of town for the weekend (getting back later this evening) and we’re the “new guys” on this Sunday team. I want to go to our first game with the new team together. I also considered hitting up Great Falls to get on some real rock but all the climbs Squeaks and I are comfortable climbing are apparently under water because the river is so high.

But, I was up early and have made today a very very productive day. I did some spring cleaning in my closet and got rid of a whole bunch of clothes that I never wear. I even packed up some old luggage that I’d been meaning to get rid of and have it ready to go to Good Will (which is where I am headed as soon as I shower and get dressed). In addition to cleaning out the closet and a bit of the attic, I did ALL the mountains of laundry (including all the sheets and towels) that have been piled up for the last I don’t even know how long; AND I dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen and cleaned the bathroom.

Even though I spent most of the day inside I feel like it’s been a very productive day. I love spending the day tidying up and getting everything back in order. One of my favorite things is having a clean and orderly house. Especially a day when all the laundry is done and put away and all the dishes are done (and soon to be put away). It calms me down and sets the tone for the next week for me. Given how crazy things have been for me the last few weeks it was a much needed day at home.

I love this time of year, when people start getting out the outdoor furniture, doing their spring cleaning and opening up the windows freshen up their homes. It’s the perfect kind of day – warm and sunny and uplifting. This is the time of year when people really WANT to be outside. It’s no longer cold so people throw off the layers of the winter. But it’s also not yet hot and sticky driving everyone back indoors towards their air conditioning. I think this year I might consider buying a small grill I can put on my patio. Would be wonderful to be able to regularly grill dinner.

He gets home, hopefully in a few hours, and I am very much looking forward to having everything else done and organized so I can do nothing but enjoy his company for the rest of the evening. Since it’s so nice out and I’ve been inside most of the day maybe I can convince him to come with me to find a patio we can hang out on for the evening. Or, since there are a few grills up on the roof of his building maybe we can hit up the grill on his roof to make dinner. Although given that he was away at a bachelor party all weekend I think that might depend on how rowdy the weekend was. He may want to order pizza and watch a movie instead. Which would also be just perfect for me. I’ve had a great weekend and there is no better way to close it out than spending the whole rest of the night with him.

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