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Spring Teases

I know we’ve all heard of and/or experience “Spring Fever” but I think we’ve likely all also experience the all to common “Spring Tease”. This is when the weather warms up, the skies clear, the days get longer and everyone starts to feel that happy glow that descends when winter abates. Then you wake up one morning, look outside, see that beautiful sunshine and in your ‘happy thoughts’ forget to listen to the weather. You dress is a cute skirt or dress, bare legs and slip on shoes. Then you go outside (running late as usual) only to discover the warm days of the earlier portion of the week have abandoned you. The bright sky out your window was simply a tease. It’s once again – below freezing! And since you’re late and don’t have time to change – well you look like the under-dressed moron on the block.

Yep, that was me this morning. The last few days in DC have been really really nice. Sunny, 60s… perfect spring weather. So when I woke up this morning (earlier than usual because I had to hit the DMV before work) I didn’t bother to turn on my radio or my TV. I looked out the window and saw another ‘beautiful day’. It really is a nice day out…. but I thought it would be nice AND warm… so I am dressed in a little summer dress (with a short sleeve jacket over it). Yes, it looks cute. But it’s also very thin and does absolutely nothing to protect from the cold air. I am sure that anyone else walking into my office today would think it’s quite warm in here – because they are all dressed appropriately for the weather. Ugh!

On the upside, it’s still a gorgeous day. Full of blue skies and sunshine. If I didn’t have to work I really would want to be outside doing something fun. Of course I’d be dressed warm enough to actually ENJOY being outside. I love this time of year, even with the ‘teasing’. I love seeing the buds start to pop out on the tress because they are basking in sunshine. I love seeing the flowers and plants in local gardens start to break through. Even though there are still ‘cold’ days you know that it’s only a matter of weeks before it will really be Spring and you can truly get out and enjoy all that goes along with Spring.

I am sure that my Canadian cohorts would disown me for saying this – or at the very least scoff in disbelief – but it has actually been a rather cold winter here in DC. Yes, I lost some weight this year, and yes I’ve been down here long enough to have lost my ‘thick skin’ when it comes to ‘true cold’ – but I’d say that on average we had more cold days than normal. At least is felt like that to me. So I am quite looking forward to the warming weather. I am even (though griping about my own thoughtlessness today) enjoying the gentle, playful teasing of mother nature.

And I’s imagine we’re in for one or two more “spring teases” before we are all hit with our bout of “Spring Fever”.


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Ice and Parking Tickets

So this morning I woke up to a car covered in ice…. and since I had spent most of the weekend at my BF’s place I was required to clean off said ice so I could go home and get ready for work today. Being Canadian, the ice really doesn’t bother me…. although it is much more dangerous than driving or walking in the snow. But, I had (stupidly) left both my coat (it wasn’t cold on Sunday) and my hat and gloves at home (i.e MY house) on Sunday when we went out…. THAT bothers me…. it was freaking cold out!! I had to take a break half way through and get back in the car to warm up.

Anyway, I get into the car, start it, turn the heat and the rear window defrost on, and grab my trust scraper from the back seat. I get out of the car and start cleaning it off – mostly scraping away the ice on the windows cause I figure the rest of it will have melted off the car by 4pm. I get half way around the car and realize – not only is my car covered in ice but I have a parking ticket too… Ugh! Not a fun way to start the morning. Who knew that you can’t park on the street on a HOLIDAY MONDAY!! Shouldn’t that be treated like a Sunday where parking is free and not monitored the entire day???

In all honesty, I should have known better. I did know that it was Monday yesterday, but I was so caught up in my lazy day and not wanting to leave the apartment that I didn’t bother to go check on or move the car…. even when it started to snow, and then the snow turned to freezing rain I KNEW that my car was parked outside, on the street, on a Monday AND that I could move it into his parking garage… sigh… So, my completely rejuvenated relaxed perspective on the week went flying out the window when it took me 20 mins to clean my car, another 20 to get home – cause while the roads weren’t TOO bad they were icy and for once people in DC were being careful about driving in crappy weather – and I have a $35 parking ticket to pay… After all of that I was still only 15 minutes late for work (and I ate breakfast at home and brought lunch, computer, and climbing gear all with me this morning)… so I’d say overall that’s pretty good for how the morning started out.

Some co-workers of mine lost power today and others had horrible commutes in this morning. I haven’t been outside all day and I know it’s been raining on and off. Hopefully the temperature rose and the ice we HAD melted and the rain that came during the day just washed away the crud on the roads. I am going climbing tonight and neither ice nor parking tickets will stop me. Hopefully they won’t stop my climbing partner who’s driving either!! 🙂

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