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Parrots in VA

So… on the morning after an earthquake in DC the exact thing that you expect to see when you walk out your door in Virginia is a HUGE red, yellow, blue and white PARROT sitting in a tree across the street.

Of course I am sure that the parrot was someone’s pet. But why would you let a parrot outside into a tree in Arlington Virginia… especially when it’s wings had obviously been clipped. For the 15 mins that I stood outside waiting for the bus the poor guy kept trying as hard as he possibly could to fly away. It was a bit heart breaking to watch. He wanted to be in the sky – exactly where he should be… but no matter how hard he flapped his wings it just wasn’t happening. Why give the creature the HOPE of the big blue yonder when you know without a doubt he won’t be able to get there. It just seems so completely unfair.

I do have to say though that after experiencing an earthquake on Tuesday and seeing a parrot outside my house on Wednesday I am not really going to be surprised by anything tomorrow… so do your best.

That’s about all I’ve got in me today because I have a headache and don’t feel good and I am going home to bed. More tomorrow.


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I love surprising people. It’s a lot of fun and completely totally worth whatever work is involved in setting it up. I especially like when it actually WORKS and the person (or people) you’re surprising truly don’t see it coming. Last night some friends helped me surprise my BF for his birthday. His birthday was this past Thursday (while I was in Vegas) and since I wasn’t going to be here for his day I decided to organize and plan a surprise birthday party at a bar in DC with some of his closest friends.

A couple of weeks ago I contacted two of his best friends to get some sense of whether or not he’d actually LIKE to be surprised for his birthday. They were all in so we set about finding a location and getting the list of people to invite. I called about 8 places in the DC area to ‘reserve’ space and the cheapest one required you to agree to a $1500 food and drink minimum. There was now way that was going to work so I ended up deciding to just get everyone to go to the same bar, have a few drinks and then end up at some other bar or club in the U St. area of DC. After settling on a location I needed to invite everyone. And since 90% of the people coming are friends of his whom I’ve never met before I needed to send them messages on FB with all the information. The funnies part of that was that FB decided I was spamming people because I was sending the same message to a bunch of people I wasn’t friends with and they blocked the messages functionality from my account for about 12 hours. And who says that FB doesn’t want to protect people’s accounts?? 😉

After getting all the logistics sorted out and invitations sent out all that was left was to set up the back story to get my BF to the bar. I had a friend of mine (and a friend of hers) set up an email thread inviting us to go out with them on Saturday night to hang out with our friend’s friend. My friend LA sent her forwarded ‘invitation’ to us on Tuesday night (while I was in Vegas) and every time I talked with my BF he was less interested in going. I suggested inviting his best friend as well as a way to get him to go and for a couple days I didn’t think that was going to work either. Then on Friday while I was rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon his friend sent me a text messaging asking how he should respond to my BFs invitation to go out Saturday night. As the pieces fell into place it was shaping up to be a great surprise.

So last night I could tell that my BF really wasn’t interested in going to this ‘party’ and was taking his time getting ready. Once we finally got out the door and were on our way my friends (who were already at the bar setting up balloons and everything) messaged me to say the place was really crowded and they weren’t sure they’d get a spot for all 20 of us… Yikes… there was no plan B and no chance to contact anyone to change course. So we simply crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. As we got there my BF worried that he wouldn’t be allowed in because his license was expired and I started to panic a bit again trying to figure out how I’d convince them to let us both in anyway. Turns out it wasn’t an issue… they didn’t look that closely.

Earlier in the day I had told my friend Squeaks (who was helping me get things set up) that the reaction I expected when we arrived (my BF and I) at the party was a mix of dis-interest followed by confusion as he realized who the people sitting there were and then closely followed by total surprise that we’d managed to surprise him so completely. And that’s pretty much exactly what happened. He honestly had no idea we were heading to a party for him and was, I think, a bit blown away by it all.

The rest of the night passed with a whole lot of laughter, some dancing, and just a ton of fun. All in all a very successful surprise. Not sure I’d get away with it a second time but I’d be lying to say I wouldn’t try to surprise him again some time. I just like doing it way too much 🙂

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