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Summer Colds

These are the worst thing ever. They get a hold of you and don’t want to leave. You have to force them out with some serious medication. The last two weeks my BF has been fighting what seemed to be a mild one. Last weekend he thought he had it beat. He was feeling much better and wasn’t really showing any signs of the cold sticking around. In my experience this is unusual. Every time I’ve ever ended up with a summer cold it’s hung around forever and I just could never shake it. Of course I never said that to him b/c noone likes to think about that.

Last night he, X and I went to see the new Transformers movies (great great show btw – will review later). When X and I got to the theater to meet him he’d already started to not feel very good. He only ate a little bit of soup for dinner. By the time the movie was done he was too. The cold had come back full force. This morning he woke up feeling even more rotten… poor guy.

What is it about summer colds that make them so hard to get rid of. Generally speaking you can ‘sweat out’ a cold… They seem to thrive in cold and dry environments… not hot and muggy ones. Are summer colds so heinous simply because they are capable of surviving in the heat and humidity of summer. Does that actually play a part in why you can never seem to shake them?? All the normal tactics… lots of sleep, covered up in blankets so you sweat a lot only seem to make it worse. It’s already generally hard to breathe in the summer time with all the humidity… add a cold on top of that and it’s really not the most pleasant thing around.

Being sick is never fun… being sick over a holiday weekend… Well that’s just unfair. This morning I am planning on going climbing with Squeaks – to kick off the weekend in our typical hard core fashion – But a big part of me just wants to stay here and take care of my man. Make him soup. Get him OJ and medicine. Watch whatever baseball games are on today … or whatever else he wants to watch. I know that if I decided to do this Squeaks would totally understand (even though we’re both in desperate need of some climbing action). But I get the sense that my BF wants to deal on his own. Everyone enjoys being taken care of and he’s no different. But, I don’t think it’s something he’s used to so it’s not what he seeks out when he’s not feeling good.

Me, when I get sick… I turn into a big huge baby who wants nothing other than being coddled and looked after. I get whiny and annoying. It’s not my most redeeming moment that’s for sure. When other’s around me are sick though… I turn into the ‘mother hen’ my mom used to tease me about being. I want nothing else than to scoop up the person feeling ill and take them away somewhere where I can baby them and make them feel better. I guess this morning we just have to strike a happy medium.


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Beach Days

My friend Em asked me today if I wanted to take next Friday off and spend the day at the beach. Of course I jumped at the invitation about a second after she made the offer. Ever since I’ve been thinking about laying on a blanket in the sun just reading a book and enjoying the sound of the ocean. Such a relaxing feeling… Almost as soon as she mentioned the idea I was looking for a new bathing suit for the trip. I haven’t been this excited about a day’s vacation in a really long time.

We’re both hoping that our ‘boys’ can also get the day off to come with and make a real trip out of it. Go early in the morning, set up some blankets and some beach umbrellas and just chill for the day with a cooler full of drinks and snacks. Perhaps bring some frisbees and balls to toss around…. I honestly can’t wait. It’s been AGES since I spent the day on the beach.

Last summer (around this time) I went on vacation with my family to Prince Edward Island (on the East Coast of Canada). We did spend one glorious afternoon on the beach but it was FREEZING and only my 7 year old nephew was brave enough to go in the water. It was still great to laze around in the sunshine… and I did still manage to get a wicked sun burn. But, it was not the warm day by the beach where you’re just purely enjoying the day. That’s what I expect from next Friday. I have a feeling it will be a near perfect day.

I love the beach. I love the water. I love the sand. I love the breeze and the smell of the ocean. I think it’s one of the best ways to spend a day and one of the most relaxing places you can be. When I was young I lived in the Turks & Caicos Islands (from the age of 1 to the age of 7). I remember a lot of stuff from the last couple of years we were there. What I remember most (besides the hurricane that caused my fear of thunderstorms) was that we lived right on the beach. That I could go and play in the water and sit on the beach any time I wanted to. I loved falling asleep to the sound of the waves hitting the shore. It was so incredibly soothing.

If I could, I would live somewhere that I could get to a beach and to some seriously cool rocks to climb in the same (not very long) time frame. I’d love to be at the beach one weekend and climbing some amazing crag the next… all without actually having to ‘go on vacation’. I guess there is no real reason why I couldn’t do that… but I love the life I have and the people I have around me right now. I would also need to be much farther away from my family than I am now and I think I’d have a bit of a hard time with that. However, every time I am at the beach… or looking at some amazing rocks I realize how much I want to be somewhere that both of those environments are readily accessible to me. So, perhaps it’s something I’d strive towards for the future.

For now, I am content to spend the next week thinking about how wonderful next Friday will be. While everyone else is at work Em and I (and hopefully the boys) and possibly miss LA will be lounging on blankets at the beach basking in the wonderful sunshine. Of course we’ll also be covered in sunscreen to ensure the complete success and enjoyment of the rest of the weekend. I have no intention of repeating last summer’s beach sun burn…. no thank you!

Happy weekend all!!

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