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Injury Prone..

I’ve been playing softball and other sports since I was quite young and my parents would tell you that I have always been a little prone to injury… only minor ones… but still. If someone’s going to get a ball in the head, it’s likely to be me. Numerous times from games, parents of teammates or coaches had to call my parents to come get me or at least to let them know that I’d be hurt. The worst one was breaking my nose, and while that’s never fun it certainly could have been a lot worse. When I think back on it most of my ‘injuries’ came from the softball field.

I think the most interesting part of it is that while I am rather susceptible to minor injury I am not really every likely to admit that I am actually hurt. I am too stubborn of an athlete for that. I’ve played with a sprained wrist, dislocated thumb, after being hit in the head (or leg, or arm, or stomach) by a ground ball, and if I had of gotten my way I would have gone back into the game after getting hit in the face and breaking my nose that one time… I mean really, it was only a hairline fracture… no need to even reset my nose. My younger sister and a lot of the people I’ve been on teams with since then are the same way. I think it’s just a need to project a “tough girl” persona. Because sometimes… it really did hurt and you just didn’t want to admit it to anyone… especially not if it meant you didn’t get to play anymore.

So yesterday was the first round of my summer softball playoffs for the “Midtown” league. My BF and I have been playing on the same team all season and were very much looking forward to the playoffs. Despite the 100+ temperatures (ok… that’s with the heat index… but it was about 97 w/o it) we were excited to get out on the field. I’ve been playing with a slightly weak and jacked up right shoulder all season (which of course is my throwing arm) and he’s been helping me try and strengthen it up… seems to finally be getting better now that we’re warming up with some ‘medicine balls for softball’. Nothing better to work out a sore shoulder than throw around a 14 or 21 ounce medicine ball. Anyway, most of the people on our team (including my BF) have been battling some type of injury all season… we’ve been hit with the ball or pulled/torn/strained muscles and joints and all that. One girl even took an insanely hard throw in the upper arm (and then yesterday a lightly tossed ball to the head). We’re all a bunch of crazy stubborn fools. We ALL played when hurt and the words “I’m good” were heard uttered by just about everyone at one point or another this season.

Perfect example of this yesterday… I was playing second base (in our first of two games). While covering my base towards the end of the game I was looking into left field (where the ball went) and watching the throw. I was fully expecting it to be thrown to our short stop but it went over his head (I later realized was being intentionally thrown to me). I wasn’t really ready for the throw and didn’t move fast enough to catch it so it bounced once and hit me square in the jaw.. then bounced off my left shoulder and into my lip. A bit rattled I turned and picked up the ball and tossed it back to the pitcher…who promptly asked if I was ok (as did most of the others on the team). As you can imagine “I’m good” was the response. That was the last inning of the game (which we won) and we had about an hour before the second game started. As we waited (and my BF and I went to run a few quick errands) my lip started to swell and a bruise started to develop under my chin.

Ok, so really this is super minor on the grand scale of even my minor injuries… I played the entire second game (in which we were embarrassingly slaughtered) and I even went out and had a beer or two with the team afterwards. But, today I can tell that the bounce to the chin knocked my jaw out of place a little bit. It’s pretty achy and I’ve had a constant headache all day – not fun when you’re at working trying to get things done. I am going to have to make an appointment with my chiropractor for later this week to get that sorted out or the headache will just get worse and worse. I really am “good”, it’s just a great example of those minor injuries I tend to end up with about three or four times a season while I am playing ball. I have since I was about 12… You’d think I’d know better by now. Will it change the way I handled the situation should it happen again? Probably not. Although I’d hope that next time I’d catch the ball with my glove instead of my face.


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Stubbornness & Injury

Alright, be honest! How many of you have ever ‘mildly’ injured yourself and then stubbornly refused to acknowledge that you are actually hurt and should probably take a break from whatever it is you were doing in the first place. Come on, I know we’ve all done it. Pulled a muscle running. Burned a hand cooking. I am most definitely in the category of extremely stubborn when it comes to pain and injury. I for some (admittedly messed up) reason I suffer through the pain and work my way through the tension and keep going… even if it hurts. Most especially if I am doing something I love and admitting it hurts would mean admitting that I really do need to stop and rest for a couple minutes, hours, days…

When I was playing volleyball in high school and college I quite regularly played through pulled neck and shoulder muscles, sprained wrists and strained knees. I even wanted back in the game after foul tipping and fast pitch off the bat and into my face, breaking my nose. I definitely didn’t want to admit that some ‘injury’ meant I was sidelined or couldn’t play. I was way too competitive (and yes stubborn) for that. Apparently in recent years not much has changed.

If you’ve been reading these even once a week (or you know me on a personal level) you know that climbing has become my recreation of choice these days. Well, yesterday was a typical Sunday afternoon climbing outing. Squeaks, my BF and I all hit up the gym (he was taking the safety classes so he could climb with us more regularly – YAY) and on my second send of the day I was gripping an under cling hold (sorry not taking the time to explain that) and attempting to get over a roof (sorry, not that one either) and as I pressed up (stood) I didn’t quite release my right hand on time – which twisted and ‘tweaked’ some tendons in my wrist. Yes, it hurt at the time – a lot. But after shaking it out I kept going and finished the climb. When I got down I told Squeaks what had happened but that I was ok and wanted to keep going and ‘work it out’. Since a lot of the time muscle stiffness can be easily worked out I figured that’s all I needed. Turns out it was a little more than muscle stiffness. As the afternoon wore on the tightness in my wrist got worse. Holding my hand in even a loose fist (required to safely belay someone) was getting really hard to do. Climbing simple stuff was ok, but anything that required any real tension in my hands or forearms to hold on or anytime I needed to put weight on my hand and press up hurt like crazy. I spent most of the night with ice on my wrist and hand (it’s the tendon in the outside of my wrist/arm that runs up into my last three fingers that is what’s hurt) and it helped, but it’s still pretty tender today. If I keep moving my hand it’s ok… but if I don’t move it or if I actually move it too much it tightens up again (actually typing a lot – which is required for this post – kinda hurts a bit too). Ugh, that’s all I have to say about this current situation. I hate being injured and am way to stubborn to really admit when I am – even here it annoys me that I am admitting it still hurts.

Tuesday (tomorrow) is our normal week night climb. And the logical part of my brain knows that I should pass on climbing and try and go another night later in the week – to give my wrist/hand time to heal. But the emotional/competitive/stubborn part of me really really wants to climb tomorrow night and not let a small injury like this get in my way. But, when my climbing partner (Squeaks) tells me no I am not allowed to climb until I can close my hand without flinching I guess I have to listen to her… After all – I told her stubborn butt the same thing when she broke her toe a few months ago.

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