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Rooftop Views

This morning Squeaks and I hit up the climbing gym as the rain last night did a rather good number on our plans to get on some real rock up in Great Falls. When we left this morning it was still kind of grey and icky out. But by the time we came OUT of the gym (around noon) it was sunny and gorgeous. Since my BF and I didn’t really have any other plans lined up for the afternoon we decided to go get some lunch and hang out up on the roof of his building playing cards for the afternoon.

One of my favorite things about where he lives is the view. His building is in Crystal City and he has an amazing view of DC, the river, the airport and National Harbor. It’s so nice to just chill up there and watch planes coming and going, watching boaters enjoying the water and just absorbing the DC Skyline. From his roof there is a perfect view of the Washington Monument, the Capital Building, the Jefferson Memorial and even the National Cathedral in the distance. I have never actually figured out exactly what I love about DC but it’s just always felt like home to me and spending the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and just taking in all of the beautiful things our city has to offer is just a great great thing.

Another highlight of the afternoon is just how much my BF has picked up the “Cribbage” addiction. If you’re not familiar, cribbage is a card game (can be played by 2, 3 or 4 people) that involves ‘pegging’ points on a board based on the cards you have in your hand and the strategy you take against your opponent. The first person to 121 wins. It’s really hard to explain the purpose of the game online so I’d just suggest looking it up if you don’t know what is involved. Anyway, it’s a game that I’ve played with my mom since I was a kid. We still play every time I go home for a visit. It’s just a fun way to pass some time that doesn’t involve TV or movies. I don’t know very many people my age that know how to play it but I enjoy it very much and few months ago I started to teach my BF how to play. When we went to Canada in March to visit my family he also got some tips and lessons from my mom. When we got back he had downloaded an app for his iPhone and started playing against the computer quite regularly. He does admit to ‘quitting’ when the computer starts to really take the lead, but I think all in all it’s been a great way for him to learn the game. Now when he and I play I have to explain things a little less and helps him count his score a lot less. In fact in our first game this afternoon he seriously kicked my butt (and took photos to prove it). I did beat him in a close second game and he declined a tie break game but I have a feeling we’ll play again another day.

Playing cards is one of my favorite pass times and playing cards with my BF sitting on the roof absorbing a bit of vitamin D and some nice spring air was the best way we could have spent a Sunday afternoon. It’s been nice to not really have anything to do this weekend and be able to just relax and catch up on sleep and general down time. It seems like we’ve both been running around for the last few weeks with no real break so we’re both taking huge advantage of our Sunday as a day of rest.


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Fresh Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in my house. If they weren’t so expensive (or I had a decent back yard with a garden I could get cuttings from) I think I’d have flowers in my house all the time. I just really think they add a nice feeling of warmth and freshness to a room. I just wished the would last longer.

Last weekend, when she and her hubby came for dinner, Squeaks brought me some GORGEOUS irises. We put them in a vase and I set them on the table as a center piece. They had plenty of light and water but when I got home last night they were all shriveled up and looked like they’d been there for a week already – it was very depressing. I don’t know if maybe it was just a bit chilly in my place and they wilted (I did turn the AC on this week with all the muggy ickiness we’ve got going on). But, you’d think they would have lasted more than a few days. That’s the sad thing about fresh flowers. They bring you such joy – but they don’t last long enough for you to get your full enjoyment from them. Some varieties are certainly better than others I must say though.

Looking at the irises last night got me thinking about what flower I’d say is my favorite… and I am really not sure. I like roses (they are of course a very beautiful flower) but I think they are a bit cliche as well. I LOVE Orchids…. but they are very expensive and better if they are potted and housed in a very humid environment (which is not really how I like to keep my house). I don’t mind carnations (in a variety of colours), I like the look of lilies but I can’t always take the smell of them – sometimes they are just too strong…. Tiger Lilies are a bit better. I quite like Lilacs but they do a bit of a number on my allergies – the pollen bothers me when concentrated in my house.

I think I might have to say that the flowers I like best (at least in my house) are Gerber Daisies. They are colourful and light and fresh and just simply gorgeous. They last longer than most do and you just can’t help but smile at a bunch of gerber daises whenever you see them. When I buy flowers for myself I am most likely to buy the mixed bouquets that have a little bit of everything. But it’s rare that I’d pick up some that don’t have at least one gerber daisy in the mix. For some reason I think they remind me of being a kid – and that’s not at all because we had them around a lot when I was growing up. I think it’s because they evoke such a playful feeling in me when I see them. Yup… gerber daisies are the clear winner for me it seems.

This time of year (Spring time) is the time when I am most likely to want flowers in my house. When everything around me is ‘waking up’ and getting ready for the warmer weather having flowers in my house just makes me happy. You’d think the time I’d most want to be surrounded by beautiful flowers is in the winter when it’s cold and dreary outside. But for some reason flowers just seem out of place inside when it’s cold and grey out. I like being able to pretend that we just cut some flowers from the garden and brought them into the house. That just doesn’t fit in the winter. So, for me, Spring and Summer are the times that a home should be filled with flowers. And since my Irises from Squeaks just don’t seem to be lasting as well as I’d hoped I may just have to go out and find some Gerber Daisies to extend the feeling of freshness and new life the flowers brought me over Easter.

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