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Rooftop Views

This morning Squeaks and I hit up the climbing gym as the rain last night did a rather good number on our plans to get on some real rock up in Great Falls. When we left this morning it was still kind of grey and icky out. But by the time we came OUT of the gym (around noon) it was sunny and gorgeous. Since my BF and I didn’t really have any other plans lined up for the afternoon we decided to go get some lunch and hang out up on the roof of his building playing cards for the afternoon.

One of my favorite things about where he lives is the view. His building is in Crystal City and he has an amazing view of DC, the river, the airport and National Harbor. It’s so nice to just chill up there and watch planes coming and going, watching boaters enjoying the water and just absorbing the DC Skyline. From his roof there is a perfect view of the Washington Monument, the Capital Building, the Jefferson Memorial and even the National Cathedral in the distance. I have never actually figured out exactly what I love about DC but it’s just always felt like home to me and spending the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and just taking in all of the beautiful things our city has to offer is just a great great thing.

Another highlight of the afternoon is just how much my BF has picked up the “Cribbage” addiction. If you’re not familiar, cribbage is a card game (can be played by 2, 3 or 4 people) that involves ‘pegging’ points on a board based on the cards you have in your hand and the strategy you take against your opponent. The first person to 121 wins. It’s really hard to explain the purpose of the game online so I’d just suggest looking it up if you don’t know what is involved. Anyway, it’s a game that I’ve played with my mom since I was a kid. We still play every time I go home for a visit. It’s just a fun way to pass some time that doesn’t involve TV or movies. I don’t know very many people my age that know how to play it but I enjoy it very much and few months ago I started to teach my BF how to play. When we went to Canada in March to visit my family he also got some tips and lessons from my mom. When we got back he had downloaded an app for his iPhone and started playing against the computer quite regularly. He does admit to ‘quitting’ when the computer starts to really take the lead, but I think all in all it’s been a great way for him to learn the game. Now when he and I play I have to explain things a little less and helps him count his score a lot less. In fact in our first game this afternoon he seriously kicked my butt (and took photos to prove it). I did beat him in a close second game and he declined a tie break game but I have a feeling we’ll play again another day.

Playing cards is one of my favorite pass times and playing cards with my BF sitting on the roof absorbing a bit of vitamin D and some nice spring air was the best way we could have spent a Sunday afternoon. It’s been nice to not really have anything to do this weekend and be able to just relax and catch up on sleep and general down time. It seems like we’ve both been running around for the last few weeks with no real break so we’re both taking huge advantage of our Sunday as a day of rest.


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Quiet Night

Generally with all the ‘stuff’ that I’ve got going on right now Wednesdays is the only day that I have a night to just chill and hang out and do nothing of any real consequence. My plan for tonight was to leave work early, go get some stuff to cook dinner and then call a few friends I haven’t talked to in some time. Instead it’s once again almost 7pm and I am still at work. This time because I got completely caught up in some projects (fun design-y ones) and didn’t realize what time it was.

Now, since I don’t want to carry my computer home (and when I get home I just want to curl up on the couch) I am staying the extra 10 minutes it will take me to write today’s post, placing an online order for pizza and heading home. Where I think I will just curl up and do nothing but watch some guilty pleasure television (like America’s Next Top Model) and maybe go to sleep before midnight (which is something I haven’t done in ages).

I feel a bit like a horrible friend because I haven’t made the time to call these very much neglected girls that I love so much, but at the same time, I am in desperate need of a quiet night with noone making me think about anything. Thursday’s are my long day. I typically try to be in the office by 7:30 so that I can leave by 4:30 to get to Little League practice. Tomorrow that’s even more critical since we actually haveĀ  GAME and we’re the Home team which means we need to get there early and line the field. We are also expecting the team to start arriving around 5:30 so that we have at least 2o minutes to practice and warm up before the game starts. By the time the game is over and things are all cleaned up it will be about 9pm before I am home tomorrow night. So, that just means tonight’s chill time is even more important to me.

I would classify myself as more of an extroverted person than an introverted one. I definitely love being around people. But some times you really just need that quiet night at home where you’re not talking to anyone or really doing anything. I mean I COULD go home and clean my house and do some laundry (both of which are things that do need to get done). But I don’t think I am going to do that. I think that is stuff that can wait another day or two or ten. Someone once told me that a clean house equals a boring life. Let me tell you… there in no boring in my life at the moment. I would much rather sacrifice a spotless house to be out doing stuff with people that mean a lot to me or just chilling with my BF (generally at his place – if we were at mine the neurotic in me wouldn’t let the ‘mess’ exist for more than 2 days).

So, that’s me. Off to order my pizza and head home to my PJs and my Couch and a little “top model” TV. Night all!

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