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Me Days

Even if you don’t want to admit it everyone needs a ‘me’ day every now and then. The last few weeks for me have been a bit crazy, not as crazy as some other folks that I know, but crazy enough. For some reason I didn’t really sleep at all last night. I went to bed about 11 and woke up at 1am… I never really managed to get back to sleep. So by the time the alarm went off this morning I had watched the sun come up and was wide awake. The week after my company’s big conference is always rather quiet at the office. Lots of people take this week as vacation, or work from home, or even just take the first few days of the week off. When I checked my calendar it turns out I had absolutely nothing on the books that MUST get done today. I only had one or two meetings that were easily moved or canceled. So, I decided that today I was in need of a ‘me’d day.

I had stayed at my BFs place last night and he did need to go to work today (even though he didn’t really sleep much last night either). So I dropped him off at the metro to get an early start on his day and I came home. I did groceries, washed all my laundry, cleaned up my kitchen, took a nap, cleared some TV off my DVR and even went climbing for few hours before cooking dinner. It really was a great great day. It was nice to just be able to take a breath, and have some time for me. I was productive… but productive with things that just take the stress out of the rest of my week. Now I can go back to the office tomorrow, get everything else done I need to do this week, attend a networking event tomorrow evening and just continue on wiht the rest of my week. It was a good call if you ask me.

I know lots of people that sometimes feel guilty for taking a personal day if they aren’t sick or having some appointment or specific things to do. Not me. I didn’t lie and say I was sick and that I needed to rest. Sure, I was exhausted this morning, but I could have gone to work. I just chose not to. I decided that my sanity was better served by taking a personal day and just doing whatever I wanted to do with the day. My mom has always called these ‘mental health days’ and every now and again they are very very important. Aside from a few days here and there and a few long weekends I haven’t really taken any ‘vacation’ since Christmas. And, I am not really planning to take any significant time off within the next few months. With my BF having just started a new job I’d like to wait until he can take some time off with me and we can really go on a vacation. Since I don’t know for sure when we’ll be able to do that it’s important to make sure I take a day or two on occasion just to get a break.

So today was the perfect ‘me day’ and I am refreshed and ready to be back in the office tomorrow. Actually, I am looking forward to it… yeah, I know that’s kind of strange, but I really love my job. I just need a day off now and then for no reason at all to make sure I continue to feel that way.


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Beach Day

Today I spent the day at the beach with a group of girlfriends.. It was a WONDERFUL day. We left about 8am this morning and did the almost (but not quite) two hour drive to “Colonial Beach” Virginia. It was the quaint small little town with an equally quaint small little strip of beach along the Potomac. But it was just what we were looking for.

All of us being girls of a certain age and a certain personality type… who work a lot and are not great at really taking a day for ourselves it was a big deal and a big adventure. We each picked a ‘food group’ or lunch item and packed drinks, snacks (veggies and fruit) and cookies and all that into a cooler and headed off with our towels and blankets and books and chairs. When we arrived our fearless trip planner (Miss M) was even complimented on her ability to parallel park on the LEFT side of the road in a rather tight spot. To be honest when the ‘official town car’ pulled up and the woman inside asked who was driving we were all scared we’d done something wrong and were in trouble… but the lady just wanted to compliment another woman on her wonderful driving skills (of course we should have known this).

After getting our stuff out of the car we headed towards our ‘paradise for a day’ to select our perfect spot. The beach was not at all what you’d call crowded at 10am so we had our pick of locations. Knowing there was a heat advisory today we staked out a spot close to the water with a nice big Sycamore tree at the side of the path to lay our blankets out. Through the day it became known as the ‘magic tree’ because all day it provided the perfect amount of shade without us having to move or adjust our positions even once. We were content to enjoy the sunshine and the breeze and the comfort of our cooling tree all day. And to our amazement there was also a ‘tiki bar’ just behind the spot we selected. Of course we didn’t see then when we selected the spot… definitely not!! 🙂

When Miss M suggested a day trip to the beach early last week I jumped all over it. It just sounded like the absolute perfect way to spend a hot summer day and forget all about work and stress and everything else and just enjoy some time with the girls. We read books and talked and laughed and ate… and yes even went to the tiki bar for an adult beverage later in the afternoon. It honestly was a perfect day.

Now, I certainly don’t want to give away the secret of our quiet little beach but it was just to wonderful a day not to share. It doesn’t really seem to be the ‘go to beach destination’ but is set up for some tourist action… there’s even a little carnival area and swing set to keep the kids who don’t want to play in the water and the sand entertained. It was a great little gem of a beach that I have a feeling would be just the perfect balance of quiet and crowded all summer long. Definitely some place I’d be up for venturing back to if another need for pure outdoor relaxation arises. Here’s just a sampling of our beach and our magic tree and our ‘day at the beach’.

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