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End of the Season

Today was the last day of our midtown softball playoffs. It’s been a great season with a great group of new and old friends. Last weekend playoffs started with a noon game for our team. We won that one handily and then had an hour break before game two. Game two was embarrassing and we won’t talk about that more than just to say we were spanked. It’s a double elimination tournament and so the deal was if we lost again today we’d be done. Our first game this morning was at 9am … UGH … but we battled through that and won. Which meant that our next game followed it right afterwards at 10am. For that one we fought hard but were down a girl, which unfortunately meant we also had to play down a GUY. As you can imagine we lost and our tournament play was over by 11am.

But, the cool thing about the end of the season in midtown is that it’s an all day party and most people stick around all day to watch the other games – even after they’ve lost and are out of the tournament. There is food and beer and camaraderie and all that. So although we were finished playing at 11am we stuck around until about 5:30 or so to watch most of the other action. The team that smacked the crap out of us last weekend was favored to win the entire thing so we spent most of the day watching their games and cheering for whatever team was playing against them. Partially because they’d beaten us so completely but mostly because a lot of them are just jackasses that don’t have any real sense of sportsmanship.

So, we spent the rest of the day drinking water (and a little beer) and moving between fields in the park the tournament was being held in seeking out shade to watch the games and hope for a Camelot loss. As we (my BF and I) left the park to come home and get cleaned up before our Sunday night True Blood party, Camelot had yet to lose. We’re both hoping that when we hear the results of the tournament tomorrow it won’t be a Camelot victory. But, if it is then I wish them well and would argue that we had a better time during the day because we could stop running around in 100 degree temperatures in full on sunshine playing softball. We got to chill in the shade with some cold water, cold  beer (ok… kinda warm beer) and good food.

All in all the end of the season tournament was a very good day. It’s kinda sad to say it’s done until next summer. But, I am very glad that we played with the team that we did. This year my BF and I both joined a new time (the coach has been a good friend of mine for years) because we wanted to play on the SAME team this season. We’ve both played in the league for a few years but had been on different teams. This new group we joined up with was an incredible amount of fun. There was lots of laughs and lots of great softball to be had.

So, as the season winds to a close I can look back and say that even with the crazy heat wave on the East Coast this summer, it was some of the most fun I’ve had on the field in a very long time. I hope that we can keep up with our promises to get together and hang out a few times during the ‘off season’ because I think this group could result in a whole lot of really good friends. Plus, it never hurts to build up some real chemistry as a team. To have stories you can share and inside jokes you can tell just because you’re truly friends and not just teammates.

It’s been a great year for softball. Already looking to next season… and MAYBE a little fall ball …we’ll see.


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Rain Rain stay away

The monkeys have a play off game tonight!! Our first game in the 2011 little league NVGSA playoffs is tonight at 6pm. The current weather is HOT and STICKY…. but the forecast is saying there is a good chance of a thunder storm tonight. Here’s hoping the rain holds off until after 8pm when the game will be all finished.

The girls are SUPER excited about tonight’s game. We had a practice last night where we worked on hitting, and pitching and catching techniques. These girls are most definitely READY to play. We have two more coaching days this season and I am getting a little choked up about it being all done. It has surprised me how much I’ve enjoyed doing this. And to be honest one of the best moments all year was the end of last nights practice.

We typically end our practice with a relay race running around the bases. Give how miserably hot it was last night we were trying to limit the amount of running the girls did and increase the volume of water they were drinking. Just as we decided to wrap up for the night the girls asked if we could play “Drip Drip Drop”. If you don’t know what that is it’s a version of “Duck Duck Goose” that’s played with water. Since we’d been melting in 90+ degree weather for the last hour or so we decided this sounded like a great idea. The entire team – coaches and all – got into a circle. We picked the first girl to be “It” and started the game. Basically it involves walking around the circle dripping a bit of water onto each person’s head…. when you’re ready you can DROP a huge splash of water onto one person. That person has to catch you before you get back to their spot. If you catch them they are ‘it’ again. If you don’t, you’re it.

By the end of the game everyone was laughing and soaking wet. The girls wanted to play an extra round and a few minutes after we started we (the coaches) decided it would be much better to just have a water fight with what was left of our water bottles. It was so much freaking fun. It felt like being a kid again and running through the sprinklers or having a water gun fight. It ended the practice on the PERFECT note to get ready for tonight’s game.

It’s going to be another scorcher… and I’d bet there is another game of drip drip drop in our futures… unless of course we get rained on… then there will be no real need as we’ll all be soaked anyway. My vote is for the rain to stay the heck away, the girls to get all hot and sweaty hitting the ball and stealing bases and for us to cool down with another good old fashioned watch fight. It’s fun to be a kid again 🙂

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