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Dinner and a Movie

That’s the plan for tonight. My BF and I are heading into Shirlington for dinner and then a little indi film action (not yet sure which of two movie options). On a hot and steamy night in DC it seems like just the perfect thing to do. Good food, a cold and refreshing beer and a (hopefully) good flick. I think we’re going to leave as soon as he’s ready so I need to make today’s post pretty quick.

Today was a good day, I got to sleep in this morning. After a late breakfast I went to pick up X and we met Squeaks at the climbing gym. We’d promised X that we’d take her and teach her how to climb. It was so much fun. She was a natural at it. After climbing we went for frozen custard as a treat to celebrate our successful climbs. It was just generally a peaceful and relaxing few hours with two of my favorite girls. We talked, laughed and challenged ourselves with stuff that’s physically difficult and new and interesting. I love doing that and I especially love sharing it with other people.

So, I can’t think of any better way to end the day than spending a super relaxing evening with my BF. It’ll be nice to get out and do something but neither of us were thinking we wanted anything super taxing and going someplace that would equal more than one or two drinks was at the bottom of the list of options for  this evening. We have a rather early morning (9am start to our softball tourney) and most of our day tomorrow will be spent outside in the sun and heat. It’ll be fun, but not exactly what you want to be doing if you’ve been up late running around, partying, drinking, dancing or anything else that takes any significant amount of energy.

Dinner and a Movie is a perfect ‘date night’. We can talk about pretty much anything so dinner is full of good conversation, not to mention the good food and beer. It’s a chance to people watch a little bit and tell stories and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Then the movie is just a great place to unwind and chill out for a little while after dinner. It also (at least for us) provides a great deal of conversation AFTER the movie is over because we like to talk about how good (or bad) the movie was and what we liked or didn’t like about it… like I said, we can talk about just about anything for a long time 🙂 It helps that we both just generally love movies.

So, that’s about all the time I have for tonight. And honestly, what else is there to say really about dinner and a movie – unless you’re on that TBS Weekend TV Show where they turn a regular movie into a ‘cooking show’ and pair some ‘themed’ dinner recipe with whatever movie they’ve chosen to play… now that I think about it the show may not even be on anymore… I hope that everyone is enjoying their Saturday night. I am off to Dinner and a Movie with my favorite movie going partner in crime.


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St. Patrick’s Day at the Mountain

I grew up in an area of Canada called “The Ottawa Valley” – actually I grew up way out in the middle of the Ottawa Valley in a tiny little village called “Mount St. Patrick”. It’s about a 20 min drive to the closest town and about an hour and a half to the closest city of any considerable size. I loved it. In general, the town and surrounding villages and areas have a very strong Irish heritage. St. Patrick’s Day is a fairly big deal. In fact, it’s kind of a week long celebration.

The thing that the “Mountain” is most known for during this time is a day long St. Paddy’s day party at the local community center. Every year on the Saturday before the 17th (or on the 17th if it’s a Saturday) people come from all over the area to drink beer, eat Irish Stew, listen to Irish music and watch Irish performers (dancers, fiddlers, etc). Everyone is decked out in their best green, orange and white and a good time is had by all. Funny enough this weekend almost always coincides with my birthday weekend. So for me (if I happen to be in Canada) I get a double celebration. This year (as I mentioned yesterday) I happen to have brought my BF home to Canada to join in the festivities and to meet my family. I am pretty sure that no matter how much I’ve told him about what this day brings – he has no idea what he’s in for.

Today after breakfast we will get dressed (and if we’re not green enough we will have to be ‘altered’ by my mother) and head down to the ‘Centre’. There we will talk and laugh and drink beer with friends and family. Around 5pm or so we will head back to my parents place (with lots of guests in tow) to eat Irish Stew for dinner – or if you like you can have Chili instead. There is never any shortage of food around my mothers house at St. Paddy’s (or any time for the matter). In fact, she like St. Patrick’s Day almost as much as Christmas and the house is generally decked out in full green. By the time we get back to my parents place tonight everyone will be ‘feeling pretty good’. But, we’re only half way through the day. After dinner (and likely a bit of a rest) a few of us will pack into the car (with our DD of course) and head off the “The Diddley” to enjoy the rest of the evenings entertainment.

What is the “Diddley”  you ask?? Oh, the Diddley. This is the “Douglas Hotel”. Its a bar – that at one point in time was a hotel – in a village (called Douglas in case you missed that part) about 20 mins from my parents place. It’s the most famous “St Paddy’s Day” party in the entire Ottawa Valley. My mom’s best friends family owns the hotel and so we get just a ‘tad’ bit of special treatment. If you were to drive past this place I swear you’d want to keep driving. It doesn’t look like much – your typical hole in the wall dive kind of place. But the people that own it make it one of the best places to be. They don’t get an incredible amount of business through out the year. But for the week around St. Paddy’s Day… well they are packed to the rafters. You can barely move, it takes you 20 mins to get a drink and probably 30 to go to the ladies room, it’s loud and kind of smelly, and I swear the best time you will ever have in your life. People are just having fun and the energy is unlimited and completely contagious. There are so many crazy things going on that you just can’t help but sit back and enjoy.

So, that’s the plan for today. Soon my BF and I will head off to start the day. I promise there will be pictures soon (but not likely until I am back to a normal internet connection on Monday). Happy St. Paddy’s Pre Party Weekend to all!!

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