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Losing Steam for this

So if I am honest, I am definitely losing stem for this daily writing project. When I missed 5 or 6 days in August I said that I would do everything I could to not miss any more days until the end of the year. Now here we are on the 13th of September and I’ve already missed about 6 days. Sure there has been lots of stuff going on but it really only takes me about 15 minutes to write something each day. There is no reason at all why I shouldn’t be able to find that time. I think the TRUE answer is that in starting to slack off it has gotten easier to just keep slacking off and to NOT write every day, or worry if I miss a day.

Now, all of that said, I still fully enjoy my little daily writing exercise on the days that I have something interesting to write about. For example, on Saturday it was therapeutic to talk about the memorial service for my friend and all that was involved with that. Yesterday it was a good release to get out all the ‘drama’ that surrounded my BFs move. Today all I can think to write about is how tired I am and that I have a headache, am hungry and REALLY REALLY want to climb but think I may just fall asleep on the wall. Personally I don’t find my complaining to be of that much interest to anyone else… except maybe my mom and she doesn’t read this blog.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about if I want to continue this project once the year is up and if I do how I might add to it or change things. I’ve been thinking that I might pull back from the daily 500+ word post and just write however much or little I feel like sharing – even if that’s just a link to a recipe or article or book or movie or something. I may even try and come up with some new ‘pages’ for this blog that will collect relevant stuff – like all the posts about recipes I’ve made and like, restaurants I’ve eaten at and enjoyed or ones I want to try.  I think that if I can take some of the ‘structure’ out of this I might manage to continue with my posting each day. And some days I might even post more than once. But first I need to figure out how to add multiple pages that can aggregate specific topics but still have a ‘home page’ that lists all the posts I’ve created. Perhaps there is some technically savvy friend out there who is interesting in helping me out – post your resume’s in the comments – the pay sucks (or doesn’t exist) but the appreciation will be plentiful!

And that’s it for today folks… to tired to think about anything else… going to go climb and try not to fall asleep on the wall.


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September already?

Wow… today is already the first day of september…and yes, I did just realize that I missed posting for the last day in August… seems August was so not my month for keeping up to this project. I did have every intention of writing yesterday but it was just one of those days. I thought of it… got busy… thought of it again… got even busier and went home to crash. Oh well… here’s to starting September off right.

Seriously, I can’t believe how quickly the summer has gone by. I am sure that we always say that but really, it amazes me that it’s back to school time already. The weather is cooling off, the school buses are back on the roads, traffic patterns are changing again. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE the cooler weather that comes along with fall but it’s still always a bit sad to see summer coming to a close. I know that TECHNICALLY there are still a few more weeks of summer left and that it’s likely that we’ll have at least a few more ‘heat waves’ coming at us… but for all intents and purposes, this is the end of summer.

When I was growing up the beginning of September and the return to school really signified one BIG event in my town (besides my mom’s birthday – which is tomorrow) – the town fair. School projects from the previous year would be on display, there were carnival rides and games and everyone in town was there. We’d beg our moms to by ‘passes’ so that we could go more than once during the week and ride all the rides all night long…. it’s not a cheap outing.. and some years we had to settle for being able to only go on one night. But no matter what it was always a great time as a kid. To go to it now (as an adult) really only seems fun if you get to take some kids along with you… so I can see why my parents were never fans of going once my sisters and I hit high school and were ‘too cool’ to hang out with our parents at the fair.

Even now, I always associate the week after Labor Day as the “Renfrew Fair”. I know that my parents are volunteering… my young sister too most likely. My older sister is taking my nephew and some of his friends or cousins once or twice to play games and ride rides. I don’t talk to them much during the week because they are never really home. But come Sunday I get great stories about what and who they saw at the fair. It’s a bit of nostalgia for me and always entertaining to catch up on the home town gossip.

Now that I live here in DC the start of September doesn’t really have the same effect on me. I have no kids going back to school – although love the stories of my friends kids and their experiences. Work doesn’t really change for me.. it’s just another day or week. But you can’t help but look at the calendar and think – wow.. another summer gone already.

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