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Miss # 3

Sigh…. I missed a day again. When I left work last night to go climbing I KNEW that I hadn’t finished my writing for the day but I told myself I’d do it when I got home. But sure enough I completely forgot until I woke up this morning. So of course that’s what’s inspiring today’s post….

It’s amazing to me how our routines influence the things we do and the things we don’t do… even when we tell ourselves we have a something we HAVE to do after work… a lot of times it’s forgotten if you let your self fall back into your normal routine before you think about that extra task. Take my writing for example… during the week I write at work… before I go home. Sometimes in the morning… sometimes just before I leave but I ALWAYS remember and think about writing my daily post during the work day. Yesterday I consciously thought about writing and just as I was about to get started Squeaks asked me if I was ready to go climbing. Since I knew if I asked her to wait 20 mins we’d both end up being at least 45 or an hour longer because we’d get involved in some random tasks. So I decided to leave the writing until I got home. My routine after climbing nights is dinner, and an hour of TV then a bit of reading and bed. When I got home last night I followed THAT routine down to the letter and didn’t even once remember that I hadn’t done my writing yet. On the weekends I write at various points through out the day. But I always remember… even at 11pm if I haven’t written yet. I rarely miss a post on the weekend because I think about it differently than I do when I am at the office during the week.

It’s that routine that I’ve developed that helps or hinders my ability to remember to do something. If I have something I need to do in the morning before I go to work I have to plan for it and place something on my purse to remind me of that task… otherwise my morning routine takes over and I end up at the office before any thought of the ‘extra’ thing I needed to do even crosses my mind.

In some ways I think that everyone has small elements of OCD in their behaviour. We all follow patterns in our lives. We tend to park in the same spot (or as near to it as we can get) at work, at the grocery store, and at other places where we go regularly. We walk around a store in the same pattern as we’ve done in the past. We catalog and categorize things to they follow a consistent pattern. You clean your house in the same order/manner/routine every time. I’d bet that most of us never even realize that we do this. But if you stop and think about it I’d bet you’d find some significant patterns in the things that you do every day.

I don’t think this is a bad thing. I think it’s a normal human thing. But I do think that there is value in consciously varying your routine on a regular basis. It helps our minds stay sharp. I think it helps our memory. I think it helps our intellect and I think it helps stimulate our brains as well. People always talk about needed to ‘exercise your brain’ to help generate new brain cells and stay sharp. I’ve heard that you should do things like brush your teeth with the opposite had than you normally use. It’s harder to do but it teaches your brain to behave in a different manner. I think something as simple as changing your daily routine could do the same thing.

So tomorrow, try coming to work a different way if you drive. Or change the order in which you do things to get ready for work. Just change things up a little bit. It’s good for you.


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Darn… missed again

I’ve been so good at this too…. Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day for me. I had lots of meetings and things going on during the day that I never even thought of this. I met some friends for dinner and drinks last night and was so tired by the time I got home that I just fell into bed. I realized about 10 minutes ago as I was thinking about what to write about today that I had completely blanked and not written yesterday.

The last time that I missed a day I decided to write twice the next day. I don’t think that’s going to be possible today because I have another meeting in 10 minutes and then need to leave for little league practice so my time for writing today consists of whatever I can get out of my head in the next 10 minutes. Some days I manage to write very quickly and get my thoughts out and onto the page. Other days I stumble over my words and it takes me a really long time to think about what I want to say.

Today seems to be the day that I am just writing about nothing… or rather writing about the fact that I have (4 months in) truly MISSED one day in my 365 day challenge. Does that mean that I failed at this exercise?? I suppose that technically it does. However, while the LITERAL goal was to try and write something every single day, the unwritten goal was to see if this endeavor really did open up my creative abilities. If that’s truly the objective I am trying to achieve with this little project then I don’t think that one day can hinder the results. Although if I am not careful one day can easily turn into more than one and then I really would have failed miserably in keeping up with this little experiment.

As for whether this is actually HELPING my creative focus – I haven’t made up my mind yet. It’s definitely a cathartic experience. It’s been a great way to get thoughts out of my head – making space for other thoughts. And I have seen a change in the way I think about problems and describe solutions. I find it a bit easier to form ideas and thoughts than I did in the beginning. For just entering into the fourth month of this effort I would say that’s some forward progress in the effort to be more creative. I guess all in all that’s something I will have to assess again at the end of the year. When I have successfully manage to write something of some substance every single day – except yesterday of course.

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