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If you could do anything

What would it be? Mostly I guess I am talking about ‘work’ stuff here. For example, I am a designer, currently I design software. But my DREAM job would be to be an interior designer. A few years ago (before I moved here) I was seriously considering this change in career. In my previous role I was a systems administrator for a software system. It was ok. It was a decent job overall but it wasn’t anything that really challenged me and it certainly wasn’t anything that brought out any of my ‘creativity’. So, I started taking classes in interior design. My previous employer would pay for school (or at least a percentage of it) and the classes didn’t need to have anything at all to do with your current job.I completely loved the classes and honestly, the only reason that I stopped was because I moved here.

Since I was a little girl I’ve been interested in design and decorating. I got a sewing machine for Christmas one year and my aunt (who was/is an interior designer) showed me how to use it. She taught me to make curtains, and bedding, and pillows and all kinds of other stuff. Over the years I’ve ‘designed’ lots of spaces – for my mom, myself, my sisters. I’ve helped friends pick stuff out and I’ve loved every single second of it.

Today I was reminded of how much I loved that. Squeaks and I took today off (just because). She’s in the process of finishing her basement (bedroom/bathroom/laundry – all the typical stuff) and wanted to spend the morning picking out tiles and fixtures for the bathroom and just generally planning some of ‘features’ she’d like in the space. So we ran around looking at home improvement stores and then had a meeting with a consultant where she could get pricing on everything all in a single quote. It was great fun. Once she’d looked at everything and made her selections we went to lunch and spent another 1/2 hour or so talking about the layout of the bathroom and how she could maybe incorporate a small linen closet using a tiny portion of space that had previously be designated as storage. It was a super fun morning. I LOVE doing that kind of stuff.

My BF and I have talked a few times now about how much fun it would be to build a house – totally design the entire thing from scratch. If I ever got the chance to do that I’d seriously be in heaven. I’ve considered taking up interior design projects again… and maybe even pursing it seriously at some point in the future. But then I think that if it was my JOB would I love it as much. I am not sure. I think that I would. I mean I am a ‘designer’ right now and I love every minute of it. My job is great. I get to create things and I get a new project and a new challenge every time I turn around. It’s very rewarding. I think that interior design would give me the same kind of rush.

I guess the thing that scares me (just a little) about breaking into interior design is that I don’t really have any experience (other than personal projects and projects for friends and family) and so getting clients and really establishing a business would be kind of difficult and more than a bit risky. Also, I’ve discovered that I am really the kind of person that requires the security of a steady income. If I was to change career directions now I’d be risking that stability and security I’ve established. On the other hand it could be a whole lot of fun to take the risk – maybe some day.


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Home Decor

I love decorating projects. Especially when they are my own. When I moved here in 2006 I purposely moved without any furniture. My mom thought it would be easier to adjust and settle in if I was surrounded by stuff I really wanted rather than the second hand stuff I’d had in college (and stored in her basement for a few years before moving here). She was right. I’ve spent four and a half years collecting ‘stuff’ and defining my decor. I started with a sofa, chair, TV and dining room set. A few months later I added a bed and dresser set (I slept on the pull out sofa the first few months). Once all the essentials were in place I started added the decorative touches. Shelving, pictures, mirrors, knickknacks. In all honesty I will probably never be ‘done’. It’s way to much fun to find the little accent elements that make your home your own.

Today (after the typical two hour climbing session) Squeaks and I decided to do a little shopping. She was looking for accent pillows. I was going for the ride. Turns out she didn’t find her pillows but I found a bench and mirrors for beside my door.

Photo of Bench & Mirrors

Weekend Decorating Project

This is an area of my apartment that I’ve been thinking about for some time now. I wanted a table or a bench with some form of mirror. But I’ve never really found anything that I liked. Today as we’re looking for pillows to go with Squeaks’ new sofa we came across a table that I really really liked. Problem was, there wasn’t really a chance that we’d fit it into my car. I debated trying to figure out how to get the table home for a bit and then stumbled across this bench that I LOVED that would fit in my car and that would be perfect next to the door.

Part two was deciding what to put ABOVE the bench. Because it just looks odd out and out of place without something else above it. I wanted a mirror by the door but wasn’t sure if I wanted a rectangle mirror, and oval one, or something completely different. Squeaks and I worried that a heavy framed mirror would be too ‘matchy’ with the big painting that’s on the small wall. So after dropping her off I went in search of something different. The end result is to the left. I am quite happy with it. Although it might be nice to add a small basket or something to the bench as an easy ‘drop’ for the mail and my keys. We’ll see, I need a few days to get used to this before I decide for sure. I LOVE the mirrors, I just think perhaps there’s still something missing. I am sure I will figure it out though.

I started getting into decorating about 6 years ago. I took some night classes in interior design because it was something I was developing a passion for. I’ve sewed since I was about 12. Making curtains and bedding and pillows and all sorts of stuff to ‘decorate’ my space. I love selecting colour palettes and and tying spaces together. I learned a lot in the classes I took and ‘decorated’ a few rooms in my parents house as gifts for my mom and my sister. I made all the curtains in my current place and have done a few projects for some friends. I love putting together the puzzle that results in a comforting and inviting space that reflects the people that live there. I’ve been living in this place for almost 5 years now. It’s not likely that I will move any time soon but the thing I look forward to the most is owning my own home that I get to renovate and decorate. I think this desire/goal/wish is part of what feeds my somewhat irrational addiction to HGTV (see post from a few weeks ago).

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