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Motivation… or lack there of

I think over the past few months I’ve made some sweeping statements about wanting to get back in shape, eat better, get healthy, lose weight, blah blah blah. Well, as you can guess based on the title of THIS post I haven’t really managed to stick with a single one of the plans that I’d previously laid out.

I talked about wanting to climb more days a week, or start running or doing some strength training…. well I’ve been climbing twice a week (most weeks)… and that’s about it. I talked about my BF and I starting to follow this meal planning thing so that we could eat fresh foods and healthy meals more often… well that lasted all of one week.

I have noticed that I go through spurts of time when I am HIGHLY motivated to meet my goals. I am almost always goal oriented when it comes to my work… I set a goal and work towards achieving it…. but in these other areas, my motivation seems to drop off and I lose interest or direction or energy or something. Believe me I KNOW that if I could manage to figure out how to eat better with some regularity and how to exercise four or maybe five times a week I’ve have way more energy to do way more things and I’d likely even feel way more motivated to keep going down the healthy lifestyle path I’d established. I know this because I was ON it for a year and a bit and I lost about 20 lbs and was in the best shape I’d been in in years. It was a wonderful feeling and I really do want to get back to that.

But, it’s INSANELY easy to lose your drive and motivation to do it. It’s so easy to say you’re too tired to cook – so you get take out or eat cereal. It’s even easier to say you’re tired so you sleep in or go home instead of going to work out. Or you have too much going on to ‘find the time’. Once you call into those traps – that are SO SO SO easy to fall into – it’s triple as hard to climb out of them and get back on track. Difficult, but not impossible. I think the trick is to not think about it so much and just set smaller goals. Rather than thinking about the final end goal… set up the smaller ones in between. Rather than changing everything about my eating habits to follow some meal plan, start by saying I’m going to cut out one bad thing. Rather than saying I will lose this much weight and work out every day – decide that I want to achieve a certain climbing level by a specific date and realize that the only way to achieve that is to practice and go more often.

So, while I can’t say with any certainty that either of these tactics will work for me, this is my new plan. I am going to cut out fried food – french fries, fried chicken, etc and replace it with veggies. And I am going to climb 5.9s cleanly (90% of the time) by Christmas. I am also setting a long term goal for myself to be 50% more fit than I am today before my sisters wedding (the date for which still has to be set). That may not mean losing any weight or any sizes.. but I want to be tones and strong and lean and very much back on track.

This plan starts with the new school year – right after labor day – and I will try and randomly share my progress. Right now I am not doing great in the food department, but I am climbing more 5.9s (not quite cleanly) than I was a month ago and on my way to getting stronger in that area. We’ll see how this goes. I need to dig deeper and find the motivation within myself to achieve all three of these goals. I can do it! That’s the first step – positive thinking 🙂


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Fresh 20 – Week 1

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how my BF and I were going to try this ‘meal planning service’ called “The Fresh 20”. I signed up for three months of the program and we got our first week’s worth of recipes on Friday last week. With all the stuff going on we didn’t try cooking any of them until Monday night. So far, the food has been fantastic.

Generally the program provides 5 dinner recipes for a family of four. They are planned in a specific order so that by the end of the week you’re using stuff that’s left from previous meals and can make something quick and easy. Since Tuesday is generally the day that I go home for few days and that Monday’s recipe called for a blender to puree the soup, which my BF doesn’t have, we changed the order up a little bit. The cool thing about the plan is that 90% of the ingredients are fresh in season produce so everything is great and full of flavor and nutrients.

In our modified plan we cooked “Turkey and Avocado Melts” with pears and “Southwest Salad”. It took quite a bit of prep to pull together – since it was all fresh. Cook 2 cobs of corn (and let them cool). Chop peppers and rinse black beans. Peal and chop and mash an avocado, mix a salad dressing from scratch, cut and toast a baguette. Put the peppers and beans together, slice the kernels off the cobs of corn and mix with beans and peppers, add the dressing, toss and let sit. Once the baguette was toasted, brush with olive oil, add mashed avocado, turkey, tomatoes (except on mine because I HATE raw tomato), onion and top with cheese. Then bake for 5-10 minutes until the cheese is melted. Slice a couple of pears and add a bit of everything to the plate…. man it was good. We didn’t eat until 9pm but it was SOOOO worth it. I left the extra southwest (bean, pepper, and corn) salad and some Italian Turkey Sausage (plus the left over melts) for my BF to eat throughout the rest of the week.

Last night I went climbing (FF2 – Week 2 which I will write about later) and so I didn’t get home in time to make anything worth mentioning for dinner. So TONIGHT was recipe number two for me. It was a beat and pear soup with, Goat Cheese Toasts and corn on the cob. Again… lots of prep but so so yummy. After cleaning and chopping beats, celery, carrots, onions and pears it was all cooked with some chicken stock before being pureed in the food processor. The cheesy toasts were toasted baguette slices with goat cheese and black pepper. Corn on the cob was the final element to the meal. As I was cooking the soup I wasn’t really all that excited about it… I wasn’t sure I’d like it… the smell didn’t do the taste justice at all. Once it was all done and pureed and in the bowl – with everything else on the side it LOOKED wonderful and tasted even better. I am actually excited that I have enough soup and everything else left for dinner tomorrow AND lunch on Friday.

When I did groceries tonight I also bought all the stuff for one more meal (Korean style short ribs – with brocoli). Since my BF doesn’t really eat pork we’re substituting with dark meat chicken (thighs actually) and if it’s anywhere close to the meals I’ve already made from the plan this week Friday’s dinner is going to be fabulous.

My friend recommended this plan to us saying that the recipes were amazing. She also told me that she got annoyed with it after a week or two because there was so much repetition in the ingredients used in the plan each week. That’s generally not something that bother my BF and I (honestly we can really eat the same thing every day for a week without complaints). Since that’s the case for us I am actually quite confident that we’ll get along with this meal plan just fine. Especially if all the meals are as good as the two I’ve already cooked.

Looking forward to Fresh 20 – Week 2.

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