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Standing Room Only

So two of my friends and I (the fabulous miss LA and the amazing Coach L) are going to the final home game of the Caps Season tonight (Go Caps Go!!!). We purchased the tickets about a month ago and are actually very excited to go. I haven’t been to a game this season and I actually quite enjoy a good live hockey game. Being Canadian I am sure that comes as a very big surprise to all of you……. Well, in any event, what did come to a big surprise to me is that the tickets we got (through some local meetup group) have turned out to be STANDING ROOM ONLY!!! Seriously, we don’t actually have seats at this game. We need to stand around and watch (likely from beyond the nose bleed section).

While I still fully intend to go to the game. And also am sure it will be a super fun time (given the company I will be in there is no real doubt of that). But, it seems strange to me to have paid $40 for tickets to a hockey game to STAND the entire night… Seriously… what is that??????  I actually didn’t even know that you could get standing room only tickets to a hockey game… I thought only Baseball games did that and then only because they sell them for $5 as a way to get people into the stadiums. If I had known up front that the hockey tickets were standing room only I probably would have reconsidered going – at least going with this group anyway.

Now, truth be told, I didn’t actually PAY for my ticket because madam LA purchased it as my birthday present. But that’s besides the point. I am pretty sure that if LA and Coach L knew before hand that there would really be no seat involved in this excursion we may have opted for seats in a bar and a good view of the big screen TV to watch the game.

Regardless of this frustration factor I am actually looking forward to getting in the stadium and getting engaged in what I hope will be a good hockey game. I am actually an Ottawa Senators fan at heart but after living in DC for almost 5 years I can’t help but feel a certain loyalty to them as well. And since they are not playing my team (or any other Canadian team for that matter) tonight I am 100% a CAPS FAN this evening. Apparently they beat the Toronto Maple Leafs (my least favorite Canadian team) last night so I am hoping they are on a bit of a roll. I’d really like to see an action packed TRUE hockey game. And let’s face it. A hockey game with no fights, breakaways or impressive penalties is just lame. If this is to be the only game I see this year (which is a distinct likelihood given that it’s the last home game of the season) then I fully expect it to be a good one.


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PBR in Fairfax

Earlier this week a friend suggested checking out the PBR series at the Patriots Center in Fairfax VA over the weekend. In case you don’t know what PBR is (I admit I had no clue and had to wait on the explanation) it’s “Professional Bull Riding”. It was a chance for some of my girls to break out their cowboy boots, for others to don some jeans and plaid shirts and for everyone to watch some cowboys being thrown off 1800 lb animals. Of course I thought, count me in! So last night we hitched up our belts, pulled on our boots and hit the trail to watch us some bull riders.

Photo of Bull Rider in Ring

PBR @ The Patriots Center - Random? Yes... Hilarious & fun? Definitely!!

How many of you know anything about what makes a bull buck?? I had a vague idea of what it was and my friend (we’ll call her LA) had no clue at all. Our event planner for the evening – the dear miss LS – explained it…and well, it puts things in a whole new light… boys….. prepare yourselves…..

To get a bull to buck they need to tie a cord around his…um… ‘family jewels’ and pull… hard… While that on it’s own is normally enough to do it, sometimes they also have to goad the poor creature with cat calls and taunts by ‘rodeo clowns’ and ropes and other such things. Imagine being the bull… someone ties you up, smacks you with a rope, calls you names and waves in your face. THEN some random human in fringed leather chaps has the nerve to climb on your back and hold on to said rope….tightly. Of course you want to get that irritating cowboy off your back… You want to throw his ass to the ground as hard and as fast as you can. You’re bigger than he is… by at least 1600 lbs. Really, you shouldn’t be thinking of him as any kind of threat. But he’s literally got you by the balls and is taunting you about it. So it becomes a contest of wills…. and balance I suppose.

Once you get past the methods used to get the bull to try and throw off the rider, it’s quite amusing to watch. Most of the bulls win this contest of wills in less than 2 seconds…most get to see said cowboy bounce off the dirt, and run for the safety of the ledge or fence. Occasionally, a cowboy manages to flail around and hang on and ‘win’ the round…. but even in those cases they still end up getting chased to the fences by the bull. All of the ‘riders’ are scored for each attempt to stay on the bull. When you don’t know anything about the ‘sport’ you can start to make up stuff about how cowboys are scored… oh, he was thrown in 1.3 seconds… but check out that double twist kick he pulled off.. and with a solid lateral bounce… brilliant!

All joking aside though, it is very impressive to see the balance, strength and skill it takes to stay ON the bull that is determined to throw you off. And the speed with which the cowboys can get the heck out of the way when thrown – also something that takes talent and extreme agility. I know I couldn’t do it. I say hats off to all the brave souls willing to risk being trampled or gouged by a horn for the sake of conquering the bull.

Definitely makes for a different and altogether random night out.

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