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Girlie lunch

So today I had lunch with a dear dear friend of mine who has been traipsing around India for the past couple of months with her in-laws. She married her husband (he’s from India she’s pure blood southern USA) about a year ago and had traveled with him to visit his family in the fall of 2009. That first visit they stayed for three weeks and overall she was not impressed. When she came back to the USA going back to India for any reason was out of the question. But of course, and things are wont to do, things changed. She and her hubby have been talking about the idea that at some point in time they may seriously consider moving to and living in India. Not necessarily in close proximity to his family, but in India non the less. Since she’s not working at the moment she decided that she’d take a leap of faith and go stay with her in-laws (without her husband) for two months. The goal of the trip was two fold – to see if she could ever really LIVE in India and to get to know his family a bit better.

While she was gone she blogged about her experiences and it was a huge source of entertainment for those of us left behind while she was away. She returned home about three weeks ago and has finally come up for air and decided she wanted to reconnect with those of us she left behind. So today she and I met for a longish lunch so that we could catch up.

Overall I would say that she did meet the two goals of her trip. She DOES think that she could live in India for some yet to be determined length of time. And, she did get to know her in-laws much better. I think the interesting part of that one is that what started out as a potentially wonderful relationship (between my friend and her mother in law) ended up in the crystal clear understanding that my friend really truly just doesn’t get a long with her mother in law. I know it’s a bit cliche to say that the wife doesn’t like the mother in law and vice versa but if you heard some of the stories about the passive aggressive CRAP that this woman pulled on my friend you’d know it’s beyond the normal kind of tension between a newly married woman and the woman that birthed her husband… Really… it was that bad.

Today’s girlie lunch consisted of all the stories we’ve missed out on these last few months and some fabulous apple and Gorgonzola sandwiches at Busboys and Poets. It was wonderful to just sit and eat and catch up. It’s especially fun to do that with a friend with whom you never really miss a beat. We haven’t talked in MONTHS and tons has happened in both our lives in the interim but it was like she never left. Before we knew it our time was up and I needed to get back to work. But as always it was a perfect example of the kinds of friendships that mean the most in your life. The ones that you don’t have to work at really hard and that you just know will always be there. As sad as it would be for me to think of my dear friend and her husband moving all the way around the world to INDIA in the near future, I know it’s not going to really I’ve lost my friend. It’s going to mean I can go have girlie lunches in India someday and have a cheap place to stay.


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Veggies for dinner

Everyone knows that getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables is key to a balanced healthy dinner. I totally agree with that and am definitely trying to do better with it – thus this “Fresh 20” experiment. Next week I’ll write about our experiences with our second meal plan, today I want to talk about the fact that I don’t think I could ever survive as a vegetarian.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I made this “beet and pear soup” for dinner with baguette and goat cheese and corn on the cob. It was REALLY REALLY good. I also mentioned that my BF and I are giving this Fresh 20 thing a good effort (eventhough it makes a lot of food) because we really don’t mind eating the same thing multiple days in a row. That’s still true… but I have to say, after three days in a row of nothing but vegetables for dinner …. I’ve been STARVING all day today.

Last night my BF had a work event to go to so the chicken I’d put in marinade stayed in the fridge to be cooked today and I ate the rest of the soup/corn for dinner. The first night it was the perfect amount of food, and a nice variation on what I usually have for dinner. The second night, it was good, but I was still a bit hungry afterwards and needed to much on something a bit later while I was watching TV. Last night – the third and final night – I ate the same amount of soup, corn and goat cheese but I was incredibly hungry about an hour after I finished eating.

This morning when I woke up I was so hungry my stomach hurt… that doesn’t even really happen to me when I SKIP dinner (which if I am honest about it happens most Tuesday nights after climbing – and is a really bad habit I know). Since I was going climbing with Squeaks at 9:30 I needed to make sure I had some protein for breakfast. So I had an egg sandwich and some green tea lemonade from Starbucks. When she dropped me off at 1:00 I was starving again and bought sandwiches for my BF and I from the italian pizza and sandwich place in his building. It’s now just going on 5:30 and I am once again sitting here thinking about food… My stomach is rumbling around signalling that it’s past time for more substance.

After all that, I truly believe that I would never survive if all I could eat was vegetables. Sure, I’d probably lose the weight that I’d like to lose… but I think I would be in a constant state of hunger. Don’t get me wrong, veggies are GREAT and they definitely fill you up… but you have to eat A LOT of them to stay full…. my body seems to digest them much faster then other foods and I actually feel hungrier after snacking on veggies than I do on anything else (other healthy choices or not). I wish I understood more about why that happens but I just don’t. I am not a fan (at all) of feeling hungry – total first world problem there – and I love the taste of meat way too much to ever cut it out of my diet completely.

So, while veggies for dinner is great now and then… veggies for dinner EVERY NIGHT…. so not for me.

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