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Head Cold 1 – Me 0

Ok… so TECHNICALLY this is going to be posted on July 13… but where I am it’s only 9pm so it still counts as not really missing a day. Today is day one of the conference my company is hosting in Las Vegas. It’s been a long day and I am really tired so I imagine this is going to be a rather short post…

My BF has been fighting a cold for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been lucky enough not to catch it… until yesterday. I’d been sneezing a bit over the weekend but was still feeling pretty good. Yesterday about 3pm I started to get that ‘head filling up feeling’ and thought – oh crap… I am going to be sick in Vegas…. YUCK!! Last night I had a good dinner (thanks BF for cooking) and took some medicine and went to bed early. I was asleep by about 9:30pm. This morning when I got up I felt much better….. until I got on the plane.

Basically right now I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. And that’s WITH the cold medicine I’ve been loading up on all day. I am hoping that one more night of medicated sleep will clear things up enough to survive this conference in a good way. I want to be able to join in the partys and stay out and see all the friends who are in town that I only ever get to see at this event. It really sucks to not feel good for this event. Because there is no ‘sick day’. There is no option to not participate. It’s just a busy few days of constantly being ON. And it really starts first thing tomorrow morning with my presentation about Accessible software and client partnerships.

After dinner tonight I decided to head back up to my room and climb into bed. I am going to take some more cold medicine and get a good night’s sleep. I need to be up by about 5:30am to get ready and I fully intend to make it through the day with a smile on my face… I even plan on making it out with the gang for a drink or two after dinner. But in order to be able to play tomorrow I need to rest tonight.

So for today… it’s Head Cold One… Me Zero. Tomorrow I will attempt to even the score.


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Getting Sick

Ugh! As I was wrapping up the work day today I started to notice that my throat was a bit scratchy. And there was the post nasal drip thing happening (kinda gross I know). It never fails to amaze me that I generally end up getting sick shortly before or shortly after going on vacation. It also never seems to matter where I am going or what I am doing on that vacation. It seems like if I stop to relax for a few days my body goes into this mode where it’s defenses drop and those nasty little cold and flu germs find their way in.

About mid morning today I wasn’t feeling all that great – but I think that was attributed to milk that had some how gone off. By lunch time I was feeling better. Initially I thought the scratchy throat could be attributed to the fact that I spent a few hours today talking to people who were frustrating me beyond belief (but that’s a whole other story) but now that I’ve eaten dinner, had lots of water to drink and settled in to my sofa for the evening I am becoming more and more convinced that I am getting sick.

I hate getting sick. I mean REALLY hate getting sick. I never really have time to be sick – but I guess noone really does. Getting sick also turns me into a great big baby. More than anything when I don’t feel good I want someone to take care of me. Make me dinner, cover me up with blankets, make me some tea or soup, and generally just pamper me a bit. I get really whiny when I don’t feel good though which makes it a bit frustrating for someone to be around me to take care of me for any length of time. I suppose it’s a good thing that I know this about myself.

In all honesty, I don’t get sick very often. But if I do manage to catch something that’s of any real significance it knocks me on my butt – completely. I end up completely out of commission until the bug runs it’s course. Sometimes if I medicate myself soon enough I can kick it before it really takes hold. That’s the plan for tonight. Curl up in blankets, drink some tea and sweat it out for a bit. Then take some nighttime cold medicine and hopefully wake up tomorrow morning feeling better. One of the nice things about where I work is the flexibility to work from home if we’re not feeling 100%. So if I am functional but still not feeling completely up to par I can stay in my pjs and work from my couch. Thankfully tomorrow is not a day full of meetings – so working at home would likely be more productive that working in the office.

Right now, I feel ok. But as the night draws on the fuzziness increases and the general feeling of ickiness grows – not a good sign. I really hope this is just a result of a stressful day and that a good night’s sleep and a little medication will kill it before it starts. Or it could be a long week for this whiny sick girl.

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