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Spic & Spac

Today I worked from home so that I could focus on a document I’ve been trying to write for a couple of weeks. It’s something that requires me to think in a different way and at a different level than every other aspect of my job. It’s been a very challenging process for me and I find that I focus better for that kind of thing when I don’t have the distractions of the office around me. Usually when I work from home I am also able to get one or two ‘house’ things done too. Typically it’s laundry cause that’s the easiest thing to do in the background of a bunch of other things.

I desperately needed to clean my place (it’s been awhile and the apartment has gotten rather dusty) and so I planned to get up early this morning and clean my house before the work day started. Of course as you can guess that didn’t really happen as I am really not great about getting out of bed before 7:30 if I don’t REALLY have to. So my next plan was to focus on getting my design brief finished and then do my house cleaning before going over to my BFs for the weekend. I underestimated how much time it would take me to finish the document and I’d all but given up on doing any house cleaning today.

Then my BF called and told me that he was going to go to an event with some folks from the office after work and would probably be out until after 9pm. WHOOOHOOO. Of course I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t get the entire Friday night with my man, but I was extremely happy to realize that this would give me the couple hours of time it would take me to really clean my apartment. Not everyone truly understands how good it feels to sit in a perfectly clean house. Well dusted, vacuumed, clean kitchen and bathroom, smelling fresh and clean. There few things that are better. It makes everything else around you seem peaceful and calm and happy. Sure, some of you may think I sound completely totally crazy…and that’s fine because the rest of you know exactly what I mean.

I’ve been struggling for the last few months to find the time to really stay ahead of my house cleaning. I traded off dusting for spending time with my little sister (X) and my BF, climbing with Squeaks, hanging out with the rest of my girls. I don’t regret that even a little bit and I am sure that I will do it again. But it was really really starting to get to me. And when I realized this past Sunday that my calendar was still reading JUNE I knew that I would have to do something about it soon. And now that it’s all done I have to say that I am currently very content sitting in my spic and span apartment, having just finished dinner, doing my daily writing and getting ready to go jump in the shower to that I can curl up with my book and fully enjoy the rest of the evening and the start to the weekend.


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Vacation to Work

So this concept is not something that many of us actually subscribe to… most of us would want to take a vacation to RELAX and enjoy some time away from work… doing something fun and interesting.. perhaps going somewhere and seeing some different sites or experiencing a new culture. Or maybe we just want to take vacation to sit around and do absolutely nothing for a few days. Maybe lay in the sun and read a book or just generally chill out.

Turns out my mother is not that person… I’ve known this most of my life but it still manages to surprise me every single time. So, tomorrow is “Canada Day”… basically the equivalent of the 4th of July in Canada. There are BBQs and fireworks and loads of fun with family and friends. Typically my mom takes some time off around this holiday during the summer. So that part didn’t come as any big surprise. My older sister and her son live with my parents but they are going on vacation next week. Actually really going on vacation and leaving the house for a few days to go stay somewhere else and do fun things like go to the zoo and go to an amusement park and all that fun stuff you do with kids.

So, when I was talking to my mother last night and she told me she was on vacation as of today I asked her what she was going to do with her free time. Her response… “Well, I think I am going to tear down and burn all the brush in the back yard. I am going to dig up part of the garden and make some changes… maybe make a new one. Then I think I will clean all four bedrooms in the ‘old’ part of our 100 year old house. I am going to move all the furniture and scrub the walls and clean the carpets. You know, get all the ‘dirt’ that builds up over time and you never have time to really clean. Then once I get all that done I may try and tackle the mess in the basement…but I really want to paint the bathroom downstairs because that could really use some freshening up. So maybe I will do that instead.” Wow.. seriously… she’s going to WORK for the entire 10 days of her vacation. Sure she’s going out to the cottage tonight to help set up for the Canada party tomorrow… and she’s got some plans with my dad and some friends of their for next weekend… but in between when my dad is at work and my sister and nephew are gone she is going to paint and clean and rip up the landscaping and WORK the entire time.

I (like my mother) do fully enjoy the concept of a spotlessly clean home. I get anxious and nervous when my house is a big mess. I regularly spend an entire day cleaning just to be sure that it’s really really clean. I enjoy this. It puts me at peace. But I don’t use my VACATION time to do it. I am very very protective of my actual vacation time. This is time when I get to relax and do something fun. As much as I like to clean and that makes me happy… I also really enjoy taking the time to relax when it’s actually vacation.

Generally I just want to shake my head at my mother and send her a plane ticket to somewhere where someone will wait on her and not let her do anything that could be considered WORK so that she can learn how to relax a little bit.

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