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Birthday Vacation

Well… today is my birthday 🙂

And today I am leaving for a quick weekend vacation 🙂

I absolutely LOVE when those two things coincide. It’s like a double dose of happiness. And this year it’s even better because my BF is coming on vacation with me. We’re going to Canada to visit my family and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a few days early (more on that tomorrow I promise). This is the first time that my BF will be meeting my parents, sisters, friends and family back home. We’re both very much looking forward to it. And since it’s my birthday weekend – AND the local St. Patrick’s Day celebrations – there will be lots of beer and food and fun people around. Surprisingly (given this is the first family introduction and all) neither one of us is at all nervous about the trip. We’re both actually quite looking forward to it. Although I am a little concerned about what my mother may have planned since one of the only other times I brought a guy home to ‘meet the family’ we played some crazy practical joke on him to make him think we lived in the completely run down old farm house that didn’t even look like it would have electricity. Not nice I know… but hilarious – and since that guy is no longer around – seems like it was the right thing to do.

But getting back to the important stuff…. it’s my birthday and we’re going on vacation. This year for me my birthday is just a tad bittersweet. As I briefly mentioned yesterday my good friend and I share a birthday weekend. Hers was yesterday and mine today. For the last few years we’d always done the birthday thing together. But with her passing last year I can’t help but miss her a great deal as I think about celebrating my birthday today. And yet I know that she’s up there partying it up and putting on her best ‘green’ to join in the festivities with us. And I know that she would very much approve of the direction my life has taken since last year’s birthday. She’d be ecstatic that I am taking my BF to hang with the family and join in crazy that is this weekend back home. It’s going to be so much fun. In addition to this being the first time he’s met my family, it’s also the first time we’ve traveled together. Another thing that I am very much looking forward to. You learn a lot about someone by traveling with them (and by seeing them with their family). So this year my birthday is shaping up to contain a whole lot of firsts. And most of them are happy firsts.

I think that a FIRST vacation with my BF that happens to be on my birthday is probably the best birthday celebration I could have. Especially because we’re also getting to spend it in the Valley for St. Paddy’s day weekend.


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Beautiful Angel

Photo of Rashmee & I Halloween 2009

Rashmee and I - Halloween 2009 (Angels Night Out)

Today (March 10) is my dear dear friend Rashmee’s 29th birthday. Rashmee was taken from us very suddenly last May. She was a light in the lives of so many people and we all miss her dearly.

I met Rashmee through a mutual friend about 3 years ago and we became fast friends. We talked about everything. She was my confidante. Someone I shared all my happy moments with and someone I leaned on when things were difficult. We shared stories and laughter and tears. We talked about boys and what it was like to be a single girl in DC. Last spring she finally realized she’d known the love of her life since Law School and told him so. My greatest peace with her death is knowing she knew that kind of love before she was taken away. Shortly after she passed I wrote the following poem which is what I’d like to share with you today. Happy Birthday Angel – we miss you and love you always!!

Beautiful Angel

Love, and laughter; things offered
left behind but always remembered.
So stunned and so sad
Yet so happy and so glad
To have known for just a minute;
The beautiful strength of an angel.
Such peace, and such heart; things given
to remain with all those still living.
So angry and so stressed
Yet so grateful and so blessed
To have seen for just a minute;
The beautiful light of an angel.
Courage and wonder; things shown
to guide those still needing to go on.
So bewildered and so dazed
Yet so awed and so amazed
To have felt for just a minute;
The beautiful love of an angel.
Go now dear angel, we’ll miss you.
Be close though dear angel, we’ll need you.
Dance with us dear angel, we’ll feel you.
In our hearts forever dear angel we’ll keep you.

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