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Waiting for #3….

So many people that I know talk about ‘bad things happening in threes’. So when things start going wrong you sit around and wait for the final shoe to come out of nowhere and smack you. Most of the time I think that thoughts like that are more self fulfulling prophecies than anything else. But every now and again things happen in such randomly odd patterns that you can’t help but notice it and wonder.

Take my car for example…. Two weeks ago I crashed it…. You all saw the pictures. On Wednesday I picked it up and all looked good. Yesterday as I left work to head for little league practice I discovered I had an almost completely flat tire. I managed to get to a gas station to get some air in it and took it to the dealership this morning to have it looked at. Turns out there was a spike embeded in the tire. The top of it was about the size of a dime… they showed it to me. And while normally they can actually REPAIR a tire when that happens this was so big it had actually damaged the wall of the tire and the entire thing needed to be replaced.

So, that’s TWO things related to my car… within two weeks…. and one happened literally right after I got the car back. I can’t help but wonder when number three is going to strike. In past experiences… the first was bad.. the second lulled you into thinking it was just something simple and the third was always a whopper of an annoyance. It generally takes me a few days (maybe a week or so) to think that it’s passed and no shoe is going to come flying from an unexpected direction. Today I would normally have taken the metro to work but drove in because I was late (from having been at the dealership dealing with the tire issue). I was beyond extra cautious driving this morning and imagine I will be for the next week. If things really do happen in threes I am really not interested in what may be coming at me with regards to my car.

My BF and I have a few fun events to go to this weekend. I think I might make him drive… although since he’d be driving my car that might not make me feel any better about it. He’s a great driver (better than me I’d wager) but unexpected things are just that… unexpected. I suppose though that if something big whopper of a number 3 is going to happen it’s not going to matter if I am driving or he is.

Alright, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system a bit I am really thinking that I need to stop thinking about it. If I worry to much that something bad is going to happen then it most likely will. I am definitely a believer in the power of positive thinking. Perhaps #1 was the parking tickets I got at the beginning of May … making #3 the spike in the tire. Which would mean I am all done with car issues for awhile.

I guess all we can do is just wait and see. Given the time between incidents it’ll be another two weeks or so before we know for sure. In the mean time I am going to do my best to forget about it and just enjoy having my trusty little car back.


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Car is fixed

YAY!! So they just called me from the Autobody shop and my poor little Nissan has been all put back together and is ready for me to come and pick up. I am going to work from home tomorrow so that I can go get it during the day. After the crash a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t really sure they would be able to fix the car at all. But it turns out it was mostly body damage with only a few other parts (cooling system and AC) that needed to be replaced. There was no major damage to the frame or the engine so everything was ‘fixable’. What’s shocking is that even though it was mostly body damage… the estimate the called me with just after the accident was just over $4000. But, on a good note insurance is covering the cost.

I understand that cars these days are built to crumple like mine did. Apparently it is designed to spread the force of the impact around the car and lesson the overall structural damage. But it sure is scary to see it happen. I really wasn’t going all that fast on impact yet the car looked like I had crashed into a brick wall at high speed. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel like it was a little bit ‘tin can like’ overall. And that doesn’t exactly bode well for feeling ‘safe’ behind the wheel. It seems like more often than not in today’s day and age the quality of things continues to degrade a little bit. Sure cars are getting cheaper every year…. but are they getting cheaper because we’re finding ways to make them with materials made cheaper by sacrificing the safety and strength that would once be required for such materials? I am not suggesting that we are by any means…. but you have to wonder. If you spend more for a vehicle are you getting a stronger, safer car?? I would guess that some would argue yes.

But all that aside, I am looking forward to getting my car back. I’ve had a great rental car since the accident and have definitely gotten used to driving the bigger car with a few more robust features. But I still really enjoy driving my little car around. It will be nice to have things back to normal in that regard. I just hope that there are no residual (undetected) issues with the car that weren’t assessed, caught and fixed during this process. I really don’t want to spend the next few months going in and out of the dealership b/c something or other isn’t working properly. The overall mechanics of the car should be intact and working as expected…. but what are the unpredictable side effects of a front end collision? I guess I will start to find out tomorrow.

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