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Girls Days

Today things were supposed to be about getting back to normal after the week in Vegas….. Normally on Saturdays I would wake up at a decently early hour… 8 or 9ish.. have some breakfast, climb for a few hours, spend some time with X and come home to chill with my BF. Today though… given that I got home from Vegas last night around 11pm and with the time change and a late dinner my sleep schedule got all messed up. Actually I didn’t really sleep all that well at all. I didn’t get out of bed until about noon (although I wasn’t sleeping the entire time) and was late for my 1pm ‘date’ with X.

But, turns out we had a fabulous girls afternoon all the same. We did what all girls do when looking to kill a few hours. We went shopping. X is in a dance group that does traditional Bolivian dancing and they are heading to NYC early tomorrow morning for a show. We wanted to go see if she could find anything ‘fun’ for her trip. Turns out I had a credit at my favorite store and ended up getting a new dress, necklace and earrings for about $7…. gotta love those kinds of girls days. Of course, any new dress needs new shoes and so X and I left the store to head over to DSW and look for some shoes to match.

In all the stuff that X and I have done together this was the first day that we just hung out and talked like girl friends and just shopped and gossiped. Picking out things to show the other, trying stuff on and generally just having a good time. After shopping we went and got something to drink from Starbucks and then headed back towards her place. We continued talking the entire way home about all kinds of stuff. She told me how much she admired me for being so independent and confident in all things and how she’s learned a lot from me about what it means to be a strong, responsible, fun, independent young woman. You forget sometimes how wonderful it is to really hear (from the horses mouth as it were) how much of an impact you have on the lives of those around you, those you care deeply for. This young girl has blossomed so much in the past 18 months and I am so very very proud of her. She’s become a huge part of my life and will always be. I am so honored to have been able to know her and be her friend and role model.

I don’t know how to really explain this but lately… between challenging people at work and lots of just general stress… I’d been feeling a lot less confident about who I am and what I bring to the table.. in some aspects of both my personal and my professional lives. When a 15 year old girl tells you you’re exactly the kind of woman she wants to grow up to be it really does make you stop and take a fresh look at yourself and all your accomplishments. It’s kind of interesting to really see yourself through the eyes of another. Seems that recently I’ve had more than one conversation about making your own destiny and being true to who you are and not relying on someone else to validate that. To own your own choices and the direction of your own life. Sometimes we (as humans) forget that we really are the ones in full control of that. We start to rely too much on what other people think of us in order to validate how we feel about ourselves. I guess hearing myself say to X today that everyone is their own person and that everyone is uniquely wonderful and that we’re all responsible for the choices we make (both good and bad) reminded me that I really do need to spend more time focused on those parts of my life I’ve been feeling a bit unsteady about and recognize all the incredible things that I bring to those situations. To, as someone I care deeply for recently told me, stop being afraid to really go after what I want – in all aspects of my life. And, to do so without placing the responsibility for my successes or failures on anyone else but me. I need to (as I told X to do) own my own choices.

Wow…. being a role model to a 15 year old girl truly is an amazingly enlightening experience. I am not sure I would have come to the same realization without her openly admiring all the things I’ve shown her. And consequently reminding me that not only do I truly believe every person can be the person she sees in me… but that I actually am that person and need to start acting like it again.

So thanks X for another wonderful girls day. And thanks for being the amazing and wonderful Little Sister who unexpectedly teaches her Big Sister a thing or two about life on a continual basis.


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A Great Falls Day

I took X out to Great Falls this morning for a little summer hiking on the Billy Goat trail. It was a beautiful morning and while there were a ton of cars it was surprisingly not very crowded on the trail. If you’ve never been out there I highly recommend it.

Turns out that today was also the first time that X has ever been hiking. In case you’ve forgotten. X is my ‘little sister’. She’s a wonderful 15 year old girl that I was matched with about 18 months ago when I signed up to be a Big Sister. Over the last year I’ve gotten to teach her lots of great stuff and expose her to many new things. I didn’t really expect that hiking would be one of them though. Although I suppose that I should have. She doesn’t do much in the way of physical activity outside of her school PE class. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very healthy young lady, she’d just rather do other stuff than sports or hard core physical activity. About a year ago though she got involved in a Bolivian dance group (which is very cool to watch if you’ve never seen it) and she’s been in love with Dancing ever since. This summer she’s hoping to find some classes she can take to start learning other styles. She’d really like to start with Hip Hop I think.

Anyway, when I picked her up this morning I didn’t know that she’d never been hiking anywhere before. I knew that she’d never been out to Great Falls, so I was excited to show that to her. We got to the park about quarter after nine and were on the trail by 9:30. If you’ve never hiked the Billy Goat trail in Great Falls it’s a series of semi-challenging rock scrambles through the woods alongside the Potomac River. It’s a gorgeous view, great work out and generally a very peaceful experience. As we got started on the trail I explained to X how to recognize the trail markers and then let her lead the way. She did great. She only needed me to point out where to go one or two times and she kicked butt on every single rock scramble. There are some of them that kinda freaked me out the first time I went there a few years ago. There was not even the slightest hint of fear in X’s face as she scaled those boulders. I think that our next adventure should be some actual rock climbing as I think she’d master (and fully enjoy) that too.

All in all the hike took us about two hours to complete. We were hot and tired when we finished but both feeling like it had been an exceptional morning. I always find that I feel incredibly fantastic when I can spend a few hours on a weekend day out in the sun near rock and water doing something physical. If it can’t be climbing then hiking will do. Yes, it was a great Great Falls morning and so far has been a wonderful day. The evening will be spent at the Nats game with my BF and Miss LA who I haven’t seen in ages. Should be a great ball night too it seems 🙂

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