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Feeling the HP Withdrawl

So… I haven’t yet seen the new Harry Potter movie… for anyone who knows how much I LOVE the Harry Potter series you realize how big of a deal this is for me. I’ve seen every other movie on opening weekend and here we are a week into the movie’s run and I still have not been to see it.

ONE –Ā  I chose climbing in Red Rocks over going to see HP8 with the crew in Vegas – a choice I don’t regret even a little bit.
TWO – the other people I would normally go see it with have all already seen it with other people and I don’t want to watch it with someone who has already seen the ending.
THREE – My BF would go with me but he hasn’t yet seen ANY of the previous movies (yes, I know) and I will not explain to him what’s going on so he’d just be confused for a big part of the movie and that wouldn’t be any fun for anyone.

Would I go see it by myself – of course… but I haven’t had time yet to do that. And, if I am honest about it I kind of want to see it with my BF which means that he needs to watch the first seven movies (or at least the 6th and the 7th one) before we go watch the final one. Thankfully I do have copies of ALL of the previously released movies so it’s realistic that he COULD watch them all in a relatively quick turn around… perhaps a week or so. But that’s a pretty serious commitment to movie watching and I am not sure he wants to do that. I think I need to sweet talk him a little bit this weekend (and of course bring all seven movies with me when I go over there so that he HAS them and doesn’t have that as a reason to not watch them).

But, it’s getting harder and harder to WAIT to go see it. Everyone I know is raving about how great it was and I am sure that if I wait much longer someone will end up inadvertently spoiling something for me. Sure, IĀ  know how the STORY ends (I’ve read all the books) but these movies have generally been so well done that I really don’t want to know a single thing about the movie before I see it…. and I am not kidding about that. If any of you jokers try to spoil it for me with comments I will just delete them without reading them šŸ™‚

Yes, it’s a bit of an obsession. And yes, it’s a CHILDREN’s story… but honestly if you’ve not read any of the books or seen any of the movies then you are truly missing out. I know plenty of people who had no desire at all to see them (or to read the books) only to get sucked into them by children, younger siblings or family members and find themselves hooked before they knew what hit them. Seriously one of the best STORIES I’ve ever read…and I’ve read a whole lot of stories in my time.

So, I give it about another week or so before I cave and tell my BF I am not waiting for him to catch up. As much as I want to go see the movie with him my need to see it while it’s still relatively new to theatres will win out soon. So, I guess if you want to come with me babe you’d better get watching!! šŸ™‚


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Climbing vs. Harry Potter

Tough tough choice… here’s why.

Climbing is basically my favorite thing. It’s just the greatest experience EVER. But.. Harry Potter is one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. I’ve been living in the Hogwarts world (at least to some degree) since I read the first book so many years ago.

Next week I am going to this annual conference my company runs. The conference is in Las Vegas, Nevada. I arrive on Tuesday (around 10:30 am or so) and leave on Friday (around 2pm). Now for the arguments….

Harry Potter: There is this group of friends of mine – some colleagues, some clients – who really only get together at this conference once a year. And every year since they started releasing the Harry Potter movies, the opening day has coincided with this conference. This group of friends has ALWAYS gone to see the movie together. Even last year (when the movie was released in November) we had a Harry Potter trip tied to this conference. Last year the conference was in Orlando… again in July…. about a week after Harry Potter World opened at Universal Studios. So one night this group all got together and went to Universal Studios for our annual HP adventure. This year, the movie opens on July 15 – the Friday of the conference week and the day after the conference ends. The only time we can really go see it (due to already scheduled travel) is in the morning on Friday (most of us are leaving in the afternoon). Some members of our group were not able to make the trek to Vegas this year… so it will be a smaller crowd carrying on the tradition.

Climbing: Ever heard of Red Rock Canyon??? It’s this GORGEOUS canyon within about 40 minutes drive of Las Vegas. It’s full of (you guessed it) wonderfully fun ROCKS. Since taking up climbing almost two years ago Squeaks (who is also going on this work trip as we work for the same company) and I have been talking about planning a big outdoor climbing trip. And here we are heading to one of the best climbing destinations – with the trip mostly paid for by work (i.e. flight/hotel, etc). We’ve not yet taken the classes to learn how to “lead” (basically that’s the scary kind of climbing where you clip your rope to gear you place in the rock as you climb up). We plan to do it but we’ve just not gotten that far yet in our climbing – hopefully later this year or early next. Regardless… Red Rock has lots of Top Rope climbing available (that’s the safer kind where the rope is already anchored to the top of the route). So, we don’t have to wait on learning how to lead to get some amazing outdoor experience under our belts. There are a couple other folks we work with interesting in doing a climbing trip while we’re in Nevada as well. So we found a ‘guide service’ that will basically plan the trip, provide the gear and help us achieve this goal. All we have to do is show up. With the conference (work) responsibilities that we have, the HEAT in Nevada at this time of year, and our current travel plans, we can only climb on Friday morning – from 6am until noon.

Decision: I REALLY REALLY want to go see the Harry Potter movie…. but I DESPERATELY want to climb in Red Rocks. Honestly there is no real decision here. So, even though I will be in Vegas for the Harry Potter opening day… with the group of friends I’ve experienced Harry Potter with for years…. I will be forgoing the movie to get on some rock! Here’s the reasoning… I can see Harry Potter anywhere… I can only climb Red Rocks in Nevada… I don’t get out to Nevada often on account of the distance and cost to fly. Work is paying for my flight. It’s a bit of a no brainer.

Climb on!!

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