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Softball Weekend

This weekend was all about the softball!! It started on Friday night when my BF and I went a game for our Alexandria team. It was a good game (I took one hard ground ball in the ankle…… but shoulda got my glove between the ball and the ankle so that one’s on me. We lost by a heart breaking one run but it was still a good game. After that it was time for some old school burgers and shakes and a little late night X-Men (see yesterday’s post for news on that one).

Saturday was all about the Purple Monkeys and the playoffs. The girls game started at 9am and we played like all stars. There was a lot of great plays, good hits and stolen bases. We didn’t win but it was one of the best games we’d played. After the game my BF and I thought we’d head to Baltimore to catch the O’s play the Jays (given that he’s an O’s fan and I am from Canada we figured it would be a good evening event. But, we fell asleep for a brief nap and when we went back online to get tickets they weren’t selling them online any more (apparently they stop selling on “Stub Hub” and the O’s site about 2 hours before the game). It’s a little far to drive not knowing we have tickets for sure and neither of us were incredibly stoked about the idea of scalping tickets. Instead we hung out in Crystal City at a bar called the “Tortoise and Hare”. We watched the game there (or at least part of it), had a couple of beers and chatted up the bartender (after discovering that he’s on our Midtown softball team – kudos to my BF for recognizing him when he’s only been at one game we’ve been at). It was a fun night.

Today, was 100% softball… all day. The Purple Monkeys had their second (and final) playoff game of the year. Which was a continuation of the rain out game that was stalled in the middle on Wednesday. Once again it was a great game. The girls were playing amazingly well again. They really have learned so much since the beginning of the season. They are pitching better, they are hitting better, they are fielding better, they are understanding the game better and calling out the plays. It was so fantastic to see and I am so proud of them. It’s been an amazing experience to coach them. As soon as the girls game was done I rushed back to Arlington for our Midtown game. The Pub 3 team was rocking the house today. We were hitting the ball insanely well and playing great defense. We stacked up 2 in the Win column for the season and it seems we’re starting to find our stride. It was a whole lot of fun! This is a great group of ball players. They are great players and great people and I am very happy we joined the team this season.

Once the midtown game was done we rushed home to shower and change and head out to the Monkey’s end of the season party where we had pizza and cake and gave out awards to the girls to show how much progress they’ve made this year. They surprised us by giving us reusable drink cups (those plastic ones with the straws from Starbucks. Each girl had written a message on a ‘softball’ cut out for each coach and attached them to make a ‘deck of cards’ of sorts that was attached to each cup. It was incredibly sweet and a great way to end the weekend of softball.

I’ve had a great time coaching the Monkeys this year…. seems the parents appreciated it as well as they were asking if we’d all be back as coaches next year. At the beginning of the season when I realized how much work was going to be involved in coaching I thought I’d made a bit of a mistake by taking that on with all the other stuff I am ‘into’ on a regular basis. But, you know what, it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done all year. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about teaching others how to love a game that I love so much. Seeing how much those girls improved and grew over the last 3 months has made it more than worth all the time, energy and effort that went into it and I would most definitely do it again next year. I am actually already looking forward to it.

But, that said, I am also looking forward to having a couple more days a week back for other stuff….. likely more climbing and more time with my BF.


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Rain Rain stay away

The monkeys have a play off game tonight!! Our first game in the 2011 little league NVGSA playoffs is tonight at 6pm. The current weather is HOT and STICKY…. but the forecast is saying there is a good chance of a thunder storm tonight. Here’s hoping the rain holds off until after 8pm when the game will be all finished.

The girls are SUPER excited about tonight’s game. We had a practice last night where we worked on hitting, and pitching and catching techniques. These girls are most definitely READY to play. We have two more coaching days this season and I am getting a little choked up about it being all done. It has surprised me how much I’ve enjoyed doing this. And to be honest one of the best moments all year was the end of last nights practice.

We typically end our practice with a relay race running around the bases. Give how miserably hot it was last night we were trying to limit the amount of running the girls did and increase the volume of water they were drinking. Just as we decided to wrap up for the night the girls asked if we could play “Drip Drip Drop”. If you don’t know what that is it’s a version of “Duck Duck Goose” that’s played with water. Since we’d been melting in 90+ degree weather for the last hour or so we decided this sounded like a great idea. The entire team – coaches and all – got into a circle. We picked the first girl to be “It” and started the game. Basically it involves walking around the circle dripping a bit of water onto each person’s head…. when you’re ready you can DROP a huge splash of water onto one person. That person has to catch you before you get back to their spot. If you catch them they are ‘it’ again. If you don’t, you’re it.

By the end of the game everyone was laughing and soaking wet. The girls wanted to play an extra round and a few minutes after we started we (the coaches) decided it would be much better to just have a water fight with what was left of our water bottles. It was so much freaking fun. It felt like being a kid again and running through the sprinklers or having a water gun fight. It ended the practice on the PERFECT note to get ready for tonight’s game.

It’s going to be another scorcher… and I’d bet there is another game of drip drip drop in our futures… unless of course we get rained on… then there will be no real need as we’ll all be soaked anyway. My vote is for the rain to stay the heck away, the girls to get all hot and sweaty hitting the ball and stealing bases and for us to cool down with another good old fashioned watch fight. It’s fun to be a kid again 🙂

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