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Veggies for dinner

Everyone knows that getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables is key to a balanced healthy dinner. I totally agree with that and am definitely trying to do better with it – thus this “Fresh 20” experiment. Next week I’ll write about our experiences with our second meal plan, today I want to talk about the fact that I don’t think I could ever survive as a vegetarian.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I made this “beet and pear soup” for dinner with baguette and goat cheese and corn on the cob. It was REALLY REALLY good. I also mentioned that my BF and I are giving this Fresh 20 thing a good effort (eventhough it makes a lot of food) because we really don’t mind eating the same thing multiple days in a row. That’s still true… but I have to say, after three days in a row of nothing but vegetables for dinner …. I’ve been STARVING all day today.

Last night my BF had a work event to go to so the chicken I’d put in marinade stayed in the fridge to be cooked today and I ate the rest of the soup/corn for dinner. The first night it was the perfect amount of food, and a nice variation on what I usually have for dinner. The second night, it was good, but I was still a bit hungry afterwards and needed to much on something a bit later while I was watching TV. Last night – the third and final night – I ate the same amount of soup, corn and goat cheese but I was incredibly hungry about an hour after I finished eating.

This morning when I woke up I was so hungry my stomach hurt… that doesn’t even really happen to me when I SKIP dinner (which if I am honest about it happens most Tuesday nights after climbing – and is a really bad habit I know). Since I was going climbing with Squeaks at 9:30 I needed to make sure I had some protein for breakfast. So I had an egg sandwich and some green tea lemonade from Starbucks. When she dropped me off at 1:00 I was starving again and bought sandwiches for my BF and I from the italian pizza and sandwich place in his building. It’s now just going on 5:30 and I am once again sitting here thinking about food… My stomach is rumbling around signalling that it’s past time for more substance.

After all that, I truly believe that I would never survive if all I could eat was vegetables. Sure, I’d probably lose the weight that I’d like to lose… but I think I would be in a constant state of hunger. Don’t get me wrong, veggies are GREAT and they definitely fill you up… but you have to eat A LOT of them to stay full…. my body seems to digest them much faster then other foods and I actually feel hungrier after snacking on veggies than I do on anything else (other healthy choices or not). I wish I understood more about why that happens but I just don’t. I am not a fan (at all) of feeling hungry – total first world problem there – and I love the taste of meat way too much to ever cut it out of my diet completely.

So, while veggies for dinner is great now and then… veggies for dinner EVERY NIGHT…. so not for me.


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Quick Dinners

Tonight Squeaks and I were supposed to go climbing. But she is slammed with work preparing for this big conference we have next week and had to cancel. In some ways that’s a good thing because I completely forgot about writing today and if I HAD gone climbing tonight this would have turned into Miss #4. Instead I came home.. realized I have NO food in my house and no real desire to go to the store tonight. So I went scrounging for stuff to pull together enough bits and peices to make dinner.

My old stand by’s for dinner when I am not in a mood to really cook are eggs, and cereal. As I am sure that I’ve mentioned at least once or twice before I LOVE LOVE LOVE breakfast for dinner. But, since I had eggs for breakfast this morning I didn’t really want to repeat that for dinner. I have some frozen chicken… but that takes too long to thaw and cook (I know… first world problem right??). Anyway, when I checked the pantry turns out I had a can of fire roasted tomatos and some macaroni. I also had some shredded cheese in the fridge. Perfect! That’s all the fixings for a good old macaroni cassarole.

So as that bakes I decided to take the 20 mins to do my daily writing. And what better to write about than what started my evening… quick dinners. The last couple months I’ve fallen backwards in my healthy eating, and healthy living habits. This is something I want to change. But, I have had a lot more going on these last few months than I did when I was in my height of healthy living. While I know that’s no real excuse it is a reason for grabbing food on the go. The problem is that food on the go tends to be HORRIBLE for your waistline and any desire for healthy living. I have a huge number of cook books – some that are even about the 20 minute meal. But there are a couple of problems with this… in order to MAKE the meal in 20 mins you have to have all the ingredients in your house to start from. When you follow the recipe exactly you make way too much for one person and end up eating the same thing for the entire week… that’s boring and doesn’t help with sticking to any real healthy eating plan. It’s really expensive to buy good, fresh ingredients… AND it’s always the case that what you have to buy to get the ingredients is way too much for the actual recipe. Then, if you don’t use it all, it goes bad long before you can use it again… so you’re throwing things out… and that’s just a horrible waste of money.

Here’s what I would like to figure out … and what I plan to TRY and figure out over the next few months. How to make a food budget that allows you to get all the stuff you need to make HEALTHY meals quickly with enough variety to make it through the week without getting bored or frustrated and reverting to bad habits. I LOVE to cook… so I am sure that I can figure out some interesting recipes of my own that make use of all the ingredients I purchase, and yet still make DIFFERENT meals for each day.

The other challenge that I need to work out with this plan (but that I will) is that I spend half of the week at my BFs place. So I need to split my grocery list (and cooking plans) across both of our places. I also need to figure out dinner/lunch ideas that he will like as well so that we can both enjoy. It’s always easier to cook for two as well. He needs to eat much bigger portions than I do (he’s blessed with a kick ass metabolism) so we’ll have to figure that out as well. But, we will. I think we just have to make a plan and a list and decide to stick with it.

So tonight’s quick dinner is macaroni cassarole…. which will double as lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go to the grocery store and see what I can come up with for the rest of the week. Next week I will be gone for work so this week is basically a test run for when I get back from my work trip. It’s a chance to figure out if this is a good plan or a completely unrealistic one for where I am in my life today. Expect more updates on this.

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