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Rocking Fridays

My team at work has started using this online service called “Turntable” where you can create a room, invite people into it, and anyone can be DJ for however long they like (or until someone kicks them out). They started talking about this a few weeks ago and since music isn’t always my ‘thing’ I hadn’t checked it out yet. But today when people started complaining that noone was in there I thought I’d go take a look. It’s been a lot of fun.

You can just search for artists or albums you know/like (for me I never remember the names so it takes me awhile to get going) and build up your ‘song list’. Then if a spot opens up you can PLAY MUSIC where you get to play whatever song is at the top of the queue when it’s your turn. We’ve had some great songs, some totally LAME songs and a good majority somewhere in the middle. But the conversations and comraderie in the room are GREAT!! It’s been a perfect example of a social app that’s fun to play around with and doesn’t get in your way. If you don’t want to DJ you can just hang out and listen to what everyone else is playing. You can vote on songs you like or don’t like and you can see your little avatar dancing away when you’re rocking out.

It’s a small thing, but it’s made my day go by quite quickly and it’s also given me a good distraction when I needed a break for a few mins. But the background sound track has also allowed me to get a crap ton of work done today. I forget sometimes that even if I don’t know much about music, have any real talent for it, or have any desire for the ‘music trivia knowledge’ to take up space in my head, I really do ENJOY music and love having it in the background. What’s been great about today is that there is only one other person in my office and I don’t need my headphones…. the volume is low enough that you can only hear it when you’re standing right at my desk. I don’t often listen to music all day because having headphones in my ears all day generally hurts my ears and I end up with a killer headache.

I think the plan is for our team to have ‘turntable tuesdays’ (which may get expanded to more days during the week) but any time they are in there I think that I will join in and just leave the music on in the background. It’s been a great day.


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