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Move Drama

So I mentioned the other day how much moving SUCKS … I stand by that statement. So here’s the latest (and hopefully the last) edition to the saga that was my BF’s move.

I think in my previous post I mentioned that we’d been arguing with the buildings about timing for reserving elevators and about movers not working after 5pm and needing to change our plans and all that. So at the end of the day on Thursday we’d finally made arrangements at the NEW building to move in after normal hours. Our goal was to be there no later than 8pm and be done by 10ish. We’d gotten some ‘load and unload’ movers lined up thanks to a recommendation from a friend. We’d arranged for a Uhaul truck and it seemed like we were mostly ready to go. We spent most of the night Thursday night finishing up the packing and dismantling of furniture and getting ready for the movers to arrive at 6pm on Friday night.

Friday during the day I did some running around to finish getting stuff organized and relaxed a bit before the real challenging stuff began that evening. Around 4pm I went over to my BFs place. The plan was to finish up the final things, go get the Uhaul (at 5:15ish) and be back when the movers arrived at 6. However, the movers had gotten their wires crossed and arrived at 5.. an hour early – and we didn’t yet have the truck. So, off we go to get the truck. Turns out Uhaul’s systems were down and it took almost an hour and a half later (between traffic and waiting on them to realize it was acceptable to WRITE the rental details on a piece of paper and enter it into the system later) we arrived back at the OLD building to start loading up the truck. While my BF and I sat a watched the movers expertly packed all his stuff into the truck and we headed over (an hour behind schedule) to the new building.

When we got to the NEW building the unloading process seemed to be going really smoothly. That is until the fire alarm went off and the building was partially evacuated and the elevators disabled until the fire department could clear the building. To do that it took 5 fire trucks, two marshals, and ambulance and about 45 minutes. Then once we started unloading the last of the stuff (after the elevators were put back into service) we got scolded by the building manager for moving in so late… SERIOUSLY!!! When it was all said and done the truck was emptied, movers paid and returned to Uhaul by midnight… what should have been at most a 3 hour process turned into 6. And we still had stuff at the old place that needed to be moved in my car over the next two days.

Saturday morning we took a couple more loads to the new place before the afternoon memorial service for my friend. We spent most of Saturday night trying to unpack and set up stuff. Yesterday was more of the same – with a couple hour break for climbing (me) and football (my BF) and True Blood (a weekly get together with some friends). We turned in the keys for the OLD place and took the last load of ‘stuff’ from the car at midnight last night. Tonight we have some more unpacking and setting up to look forward to.

Really, truly, my BF doesn’t have a ton of stuff. And this move could have been a heck of a lot worse. But it most definitely seemed like there was something blocking us at every turn and this was definitely on the more stressful scales of moves that I’ve had in the past. Even my move from Canada to the US was less frustrating. But, it’s basically all over now and once we get the last little bit of set up done tonight we can enjoy a quiet weekend next weekend (I hope).


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