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Weekend Off

I took this past weekend off from writing because my BF and I were going out of town for a few days and the only ‘technology’ I really wanted around me was my Kindle so I could read my book and relax. This time missing 3 days wasn’t an accidental thing it was an explicit choice. And it was very much worth it. It’s been a very long time since I actually truly took a weekend off from technology. I loved it.

Friday night after work we met up with our friends and made the 2+ hour drive up to Deep Creek MD where the four of us had rented a house for the weekend. We arrived about 10:o0 pm and once we’d gotten settle promptly cracked open a few adult beverages and climbed into the hot tub to start off our weekend. It was wonderful. The weather was amazing, the company was fabulous. We went hiking, we grilled, we introduced my BF to the joys of S’Mores around the campfire, we played cards, read our books, enjoyed the peace and quiet and even watched a couple of movies while it was raining Sunday night. All in all it was a great time.

But the thing that I enjoyed the most I think was actually unplugging for a few days. I did take my phone with me but I left it up in our bedroom for the entire weekend. I checked it at night before going to bed but only to clear messages, I didn’t respond to anything until we got home last night. It was a great feeling to be not constantly tied to a device and feeling like I needed to be in constant ‘connection’ with everyone I know. It was more than enough for me to just spend the weekend enjoying the company of the three people I was physically spending time with. People don’t do that enough these days. We are constantly checking our phones or our computers to make sure we haven’t missed out on something important or even just something entertaining.

I struggle with the idea of constant connection. I think that in a lot of ways it’s great to be able to so easily reach out to people and to know what’s going on. But the constant stimulation doesn’t always leave time to think about and process things that you are experiencing. Rather than stepping back and absorbing things we’re just constantly flooding ourselves with inputs. It’s exhausting a lot of the time. It’s really really important to make a conscious effort every now and again to detach. To have the only connections you experience be the real life HUMAN connections that come from face to face conversation and interaction. It’s great that we CAN be in constant communication… but by no mean does that mean that we NEED to be in constant communication. Sometimes I think that if we spent more time talking to people about the FEW things that we’ve learned or discovered each day we’d actually discover that at the end of the day we’ve gathered more KNOWLEDGE and understanding than when all we do is be bombarded by constant information. Some times it’s just too much to process.

So, that’s why I fully completely unplugged this weekend and totally enjoyed my time with my BF and my friends. It was great and so much more relaxing than I’d expected. I think I will make a more conscious effort to disengage from technology more often.


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