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Labor Day Weekend

Heading out of town for the weekend with my BF and some friends. We’re going up to Deep Creek for three days/nights. The boys have been up there already and LOVED it so we’re all excited to check it out. Do a little hiking, maybe some kayaking or canoeing…and LOTS of relaxing.

This summer… actually this YEAR, so far, I’ve taken a few long weekends here and there – but the only one that I actually went somewhere was back in March when my BF and I went back up to Canada for my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day. Every other long weekend I took was for a wedding or just to have an extra day. But I didn’t really go away anywhere so this is honestly my first vacation since Christmas. I can’t wait. We’re leaving tonight around 7pm or so and back on Monday. We don’t really have any ‘plans’ per se other than just getting away and enjoying the weekend. It will be nice to get out of the city and enjoy some wilderness and quiet time with some great friends.

When I was younger I used to spend the summer at the cottage with my family and I loved the sounds and smells of being out in the fresh air around the water. I found it so relaxing and calming being in that kind of environment. That’s exactly the kind of weekend I am looking forward to starting in just a few more hours. Fun times ahead.

But, I am realistic enough to know that there’s now way I am going to be posting to my blog on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. The only real way for me to enjoy the total relaxation I have in mind is to leave my computer at home and not think about any of it until I get back to the city on Monday. So, the next two days will be an intentional gap in my writing record for September. When I started this project I really did think that I’d be able to write every day. As we’ve seen lately that turns out to be a lot harder than you might think a lot of the time. I still intend to TRY and accomplish the goal I set in January. But I am exempting myself from this weekend.

Happy Labor Day weekend all … oh and a super special birthday shout out to the most fabulous woman I know… my mom!! Enjoy your day today and make sure the family spoils you this weekend.. you totally deserve it.


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