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I really don’t know what to write about tonight so this is probably going to end up being either a crazy long, slightly boring stream of consciousness post or a pretty short one because I run out of things to say. I guess we can start by reviewing the week…. Three days of wicked headaches, an Earthquake, an Engagement and a hurricane…. yup… it was a pretty intense week. Not to mention this week I was the 5 year anniversary of me starting to work for my current company as well as the 5 year anniversary of my Auntie’s death….. so there were definitely lots of things running through my head this week. Too many to keep track of it all it seems.

As I sit here at 8pm on Sunday night trying to think of something interesting to write about I just keep going over everything that happened this week trying to process all of it. That and I’ve been trying to get my head around the weird combination of movies I managed to watch this weekend… “It’s Complicated” then “Harry Brown” then “The Help” and finally “The Mechanic”. Some of them were better than others but it’s an awfully strange mixture to have thoughts and lines and images from all these movies mashed together in your head. And in about an hour or so I will be adding this week’s episode of True Blood to the mix so I am sure that will make me dream of sunshine and butterflies and all things pleasant…..I have too many incoherent thoughts to really be writing about anything today but I promised myself (and you all) that I wouldn’t miss another day in August (and hopefully not for the rest of the year) so I figured a messed up series of random thoughts would be better than nothing.

Honestly I am mostly just trying to get a lot of the randomness out of my head so that I can get a good night’s sleep and start the week off with a good head start tomorrow morning. I have a ton of things to accomplish this week before my BF and I head out of town with some friends of his for the weekend. We’re both very much looking forward to a little getaway but with him needing to move in two weeks and only just finding a place this weekend there is lots to be done. Packing and cleaning and hiring movers and moving stuff and getting rid of stuff and unpacking and cleaning. And all of that is just the stuff that HE needs to do. So, after the craziness of this past week it feels good to just let it all leak out of my head and onto the screen so that I can start fresh on Monday.

Here’s hoping this week is regular and mundane and generally just full of ‘tasks’ and nothing out of the ordinary.



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