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End to an Era..

Went to see Harry Potter Friday night. It was kinda cool to get to go with one of the members of what we’ve lovingly referred to as the “Harry Potter Crew” for the last few years. She and I were among the group not able to go see it while we were in Vegas a couple of weeks ago and so we decided to go see it at the last minute Friday night.

It was a very good conclusion to the series. It wasn’t as “epic” or “blockbuster” as I may have expected but it was (for the most part) quite true to the book and was an admirable conclusion. I think they got the main point of the story across although part of me wonders why they really needed to do an entire 8th movie for it. I think fans would have been ok with a longer 7th film and they could still have shown most of what they did in this one. All that said though… I still loved it. It was a story that I followed and loved for many many years. And the crew that dedicated so much time and energy to the making of these movies deserve true props for their dedication to the heart of the story that is Harry Potter.

It’s sad to think that there will be no more books and no more movies in the Harry Potter franchise. I think that they COULD make a few more movies… a “next generation” kind of thing but I really don’t think they should. I think they would be better served to let a good thing continue to be a good thing and to just enjoy how wonderful JK Rowlings characters and storyline have been. After all, it captured the hearts and minds of MILLIONS of people… I think if they tried to continue the series just for the sake of making more money off of it, it would fail miserably and that would disappoint the myriad of Harry Potter fans across the globe.

I fell in love with these books over Christmas one year… I’d gotten a gift set of the first three books for Christmas (because I’ve just always been a fan of great stories and had heard wonderful things about them). I read the first three books and 1/2 of the fourth book in the week that I was home on vacation. I was hooked from about 30 pages into the first book. They blew me away. I waited patiently every year for the new book to be released. More than once I ‘pre-ordered’ it so that I’d be sure I had it in the first week it was released. Two of the books have been released since I moved to DC 5 years ago…. and I’ve actually gone home to Canada to make sure that I could purchase the British Editions (to complete my set) instead of just getting the book. I did mistakenly purchase the American edition of the “Order of the Phoenix” and have in on my shelf…but the minute I realized my error I also purchased the British edition. Partially to complete my set in the same style and format… but mostly because I like the un-edited style in which JK Rowling wrote the stories… complete with all the british slang and cultural references.

It’s been a great ride… and year after year of great stories. They are stories that I know without a doubt I will read to my own children. They are books that I will keep forever …. movies too. As I said, it’s sad to think there will be no more chapters in the saga of Harry Potter but I can’t think of a better conclusion to a wonderful decade of story telling. Hats off to both JK Rowling for spinning such a wonderful yarn and to Warner Brothers for executing it with the utmost respect to the story.


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