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Vacation to Work

So this concept is not something that many of us actually subscribe to… most of us would want to take a vacation to RELAX and enjoy some time away from work… doing something fun and interesting.. perhaps going somewhere and seeing some different sites or experiencing a new culture. Or maybe we just want to take vacation to sit around and do absolutely nothing for a few days. Maybe lay in the sun and read a book or just generally chill out.

Turns out my mother is not that person… I’ve known this most of my life but it still manages to surprise me every single time. So, tomorrow is “Canada Day”… basically the equivalent of the 4th of July in Canada. There are BBQs and fireworks and loads of fun with family and friends. Typically my mom takes some time off around this holiday during the summer. So that part didn’t come as any big surprise. My older sister and her son live with my parents but they are going on vacation next week. Actually really going on vacation and leaving the house for a few days to go stay somewhere else and do fun things like go to the zoo and go to an amusement park and all that fun stuff you do with kids.

So, when I was talking to my mother last night and she told me she was on vacation as of today I asked her what she was going to do with her free time. Her response… “Well, I think I am going to tear down and burn all the brush in the back yard. I am going to dig up part of the garden and make some changes… maybe make a new one. Then I think I will clean all four bedrooms in the ‘old’ part of our 100 year old house. I am going to move all the furniture and scrub the walls and clean the carpets. You know, get all the ‘dirt’ that builds up over time and you never have time to really clean. Then once I get all that done I may try and tackle the mess in the basement…but I really want to paint the bathroom downstairs because that could really use some freshening up. So maybe I will do that instead.” Wow.. seriously… she’s going to WORK for the entire 10 days of her vacation. Sure she’s going out to the cottage tonight to help set up for the Canada party tomorrow… and she’s got some plans with my dad and some friends of their for next weekend… but in between when my dad is at work and my sister and nephew are gone she is going to paint and clean and rip up the landscaping and WORK the entire time.

I (like my mother) do fully enjoy the concept of a spotlessly clean home. I get anxious and nervous when my house is a big mess. I regularly spend an entire day cleaning just to be sure that it’s really really clean. I enjoy this. It puts me at peace. But I don’t use my VACATION time to do it. I am very very protective of my actual vacation time. This is time when I get to relax and do something fun. As much as I like to clean and that makes me happy… I also really enjoy taking the time to relax when it’s actually vacation.

Generally I just want to shake my head at my mother and send her a plane ticket to somewhere where someone will wait on her and not let her do anything that could be considered WORK so that she can learn how to relax a little bit.


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End of School

So for most elementary and high school kids the summer has finally arrived. Here in the DC area most schools let out some time last week. Up in Canada today was the last day for most elementary schools… I think the high schoolers finished their exams a bit earlier. This was my favorite time of year. It was the start of vacation and there was always something wonderfully fun planned. Even if that was just a week at my aunt and uncles. Or moving out to the cottage for the summer. Something DIFFERENT was going on because school was over for another year.

When I got home from work today I had a message from my newphew. He’s turning 8 this fall and just finished the third grade. He’s always struggled with school and didn’t really enjoy learning at all… at least not in the ways that schools try and teach kids these days. About this time last year my sister and parents discovered that my nephew has gluten intolerant for his entire life. And that it was probably contributing to the diffiuculties he was having in school. So they’ve been managing his diet for the last year and have had him on some medication for ADD or ADHD or something of the sort. Anyway, back to the message…. We’d all made a deal with my nephew that if he did well in school this year he’d be rewarded in various ways. So last night he called me to say that he’d gotten 7 A’s 1 A+ and the rest of his report card was all B’s. Not a C or a D in sight. He (and the rest of us) was very very excited about it. The pay off was that each of the adults in his life… so his mother, my mom, my dad, my other sister and I would each give him one dollar for every A that he recieved on his report card. So this has amounted to $28 so far. My younger sister apparently made a separate deal with him so she’s still considering if she’s going to add the dollar/A to their other deal.

For all the trouble he’s had in school I have to say I am very proud of what he’s been able to accomplish this year. Last year the school wanted to remove him enitrely from the system and send him to a special needs school for children with behavioural issues. Now he’s getting all A’s and B’s on his report card and finally starting to excel in school. Which I think is a fantastic thing. He’s a very bright and intelligent child. And all the stress that had been put on him by teachers and everyone else was understandably hard for him to adjust to. Once they determined that most of this was due to a health issue that could be controlled the school finally started to back downa and actually TEACH him…. and the results show just how well that works. Imagine that.

This weekend my sister is taking him and his cousin on “Vacation”. They are going to stay at the home of another cousin of ours about 4 hours away. They are going to go to the zoo and too an amusement park and just generally have a vacation. With the marks that he has just recieved I’d say that it’s a well deserved treat.

Every year around this time I get a bit nostalgic for “summer”. Not that I don’t get to enjoy the summer weather… But I mean for the two months of relative freedom. I have some very good friends who are teachers and also get their summer’s off. Granted they have to work their butts off for the other 10 months of the year but for two months off… I’d do it. For me, I just have to find the time in my schedule to take a week or two off to do something fun. And as much as I love the summer… vacations where you go away and do something are better in the Fall when it’s not 100 degrees outside making you not want to really go anywhere.

So, happy summer to all the kids just finishing school and to those teachers getting ready to enjoy their two month break. I hope you enjoy it you all fully deserve it.

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