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Playoff Bound!

The purple polka dot monkeys are PLAYOFF BOUND this week. Of course every team has made the playoffs but it’s hugely exciting for the girls to realize they are done regular season and now playing for the championship. We are guaranteed two games (tomorrow night and Saturday morning) and we’re having a practice tonight to get the girls ready.

The scary thing is that it’s 90+ degrees here today with a scary amount of humidity. We considered canceling practice but the coaches and I feel that the girls will benefit from some batting practice and perhaps some pitching and catching practice. I think if we can nail down our hitting consistency and pitching we will do REALLY well in our two scheduled play off games.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen very significant improvement in the girls and their abilities. They’ve been hitting the ball incredibly well… they’ve been paying very good attention to the game and calling out the plays. They are throwing the ball and covering bases. All in all they’ve made some really strong improvements this season. With one more practice to focus on some key fundamentals and I think we’ll be in great shape as a team.

I think in this evening’s practice the plan is to do some batting (with CK pitching to the girls) and a few people playing around the infield to pick up the balls that are hit. But I’d also like to work with the girls who’ve been playing catcher and teach them some of the true fundamentals of being behind the plate. Where to stand… what to do… how to move. Some of the girls on our team are showing some very serious potential behind the plate and I’d really like to develop that  bit more before breaking for the season. We may also want to do some dedicated work with our pitchers. They’ve been doing really really well and have learned so much. But they still struggle a bit with form, technique and release point. One girls walks up to the pitch like she’s bowling… and while occasionally effective she will start to get called for illegal pitching as she moves up to higher levels. Since she’s one of our older girls there is risk that she will move up next year and I would definitely like for her to be better prepared for it – as she is one of the few who has consistently LOVED pitching.

Although I am very proud of the work the girls have done I am also getting a bit sad that the season is coming to a close. It’s been an incredibly rewarding few months and it’s DEFINITELY something I want to do again next year. I think if we can gather the same team up again for another season (and maybe get started just a bit earlier) we will do great things together next year. These last couple of weeks not only have the girls improved in skill, they’ve also gelled as a team an started cheering for each other and for the game and for every play. It’s been great to see. I’d love to see what could happen if they are allowed to stay together for another couple of years.

I think in order for me to coach again next year (and not go completely crazy) I may have to give up one other ‘activity’ during the week…. but I guess we can wait and see on that a little bit. While it’s been a crazy couple of months I think all in all I’ve handled it pretty well. I am fairly used to it now – although I do have to say it will be nice to have at least one more evening a week at home where I might get some laundry and house cleaning done on a regular basis.

But, this week… there will be no focusing on laundry or house work. This week it’s all about taking these monkeys to the PLAYOFFS baby!!


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Happy Summer

The “long weekend in May” for me has always signified the start of summer. Growing up in Canada it was always “Victoria Day Weekend” which is the third weekend in May and generally the weekend before Memorial Day in the US. Since being in DC it’s been Memorial Day weekend…. but the sentiment has always been the same.

Growing up the May 2-4 weekend was always about camping and going to BBQs and hanging out with family and friends. It was the first time we went to the lake for the summer… and sometimes the water was even warm enough for us to swim (although I think most of that was mostly in our heads since it was never more than a quick jump in followed almost immediately by a startled yelp and then a race to see who could get out first. But… it meant that school was almost done and that summer was definitely on it’s way. If we were really lucky (and the weather held up) we would get fireworks to cap off the weekend.

Since moving to DC Memorial Day weekend has been about pool openings and BBQs and time spent with friends. It’s also always been about the start of summer. It was a weekend to relax and enjoy family and friends and think about what you’re going to do for the rest of the summer holiday…. even if that’s only planning a couple more long weekends or trips to the beach.

But in DC Memorial Day means something even more. It is a weekend to remember all the men and women who’ve given their lives to protect and serve their country. I think that’s something that can (and should) extend to armed forces all over the world. I think that it’s a day where everyone needs to stop and think about all the freedoms we’ve been given and the reasons why we have them. Now, I am not a US citizen. I am not a person that thinks that war is the greatest solution to anything. But I DO think that sometimes it’s necessary to protect people (All people) from the evil that can crop up all over the world. I think that it takes some very special people to VOLUNTEER to give their lives in the effort to protect the lives of the rest of the world.

So, on this 2011 Memorial Day, I’d like to offer my humble thanks to those members of military forces all over the world. You are amazing people who deserve a serious amount of love and respect. There are not any members of my immediate family who serve but I do have several friends who do or have and I’ve been fortunate that all of them have made it home safely. I would also like to thank the FAMILIES of people who devote their lives to protect and serve others. Theirs is no small sacrifice either and they should be commended for the love, support and peace they offer to their loved ones.

Happy summer all. I have a feeling this is the start of a great one and wish you all sunshine, friendship, love and laughter on this Memorial Day Monday – and for the rest of the summer.

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