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IA Summit Day 3

Day three of what has turned out to be the best conference I’ve ever attended. The IA Summit has introduced me to a community of people that think like me and are trying to solve the same problems. This is the first conference I’ve ever been to where I really truly learned something in every single session I attended. Even the ones that weren’t what I expected. So many people were tracking the conference on twitter that I even learned some things from the sessions I wasn’t able to attend by reading the twitter stream from the session.

My IA Summit journey started back in January and to be honest the only reason I attended was because the session RF proposed was accepted and he asked me to co-present with him. If the talk hadn’t been selected I would be back in DC right now rather than in Denver and I would have missed out on a great deal of information that has clear applicability to things I am working on every single day.

Sessions today focused on Visual Design (something I have a goal to learn more about), Memory being the thing we focus on in place of experience (since experience isn’t what we make decisions based on – memory is), and the future of UX as an industry. Throw in one speakers ability to connect UX to martial arts, the tango and mimosas and you have yet another stellar day.

But my favorite part of the day was what the summit organizers called “5 minute madness”. This was a chance after the closing plenary for anyone who had something they wanted to share could get up in front of the room and say what they had to say within 5 minutes. There were some great stories and thoughts and observations. In the beginning the only people who were up there were the ‘usual suspects’ and since more than 50% of attendees were ‘first timers’ (like me) everyone kept asking for the first time attendees to get up there and offer our thoughts. Throughout the conference I was documenting my thoughts about the sessions on twitter. Apparently I gathered enough followers during the weekend that people started calling me out to get up into the “Madness line” and speak up. So of course I did. Basically I said the same things I said here. That this was the first conference I’ve ever attended where every session offered me some new information that I can take back and work to apply.

Overall this conference was a huge success for me. I learned a lot. Met some very cool people. Got some experience speaking in front of larger groups (which I am fairly comfortable with anyway) and was able to share some of my own thoughts and insights about UX and Design. I fully intend to come up with something very cool to talk about at next year’s event in New Orleans. I guess that means I need to figure out how to apply some of the concepts I learned here in new and interesting ways with my own work so that I have something new and interesting to offer back to the community next year.

And that’s the IA Summit done for 2011. See everyone next year!!


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