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IA Summit Day 1

So let’s just start by saying WOW – what a day.

This is the first year that I’ve attended the IA Summit. And really the only reason I did was because I was speaking at it with RF. If the presentation hadn’t been accepted I would have opted for a different UX conference later in the year. What a mistake that would have been. Even just on day one I’ve gathered more information that I can fully process right now.

We started the day with a keynote focused very much on data gathering and analysis. It was very interesting – especially given the work I do in Reporting and Analytics. Great things to think about. Directly following the keynote was my session with RF. We were talking about design principles and how we’ve established and rolled them out in our organization. It was incredibly well received by the people in the room and lots of great, great questions were asked and some fantastic commentary posted to twitter. I am very proud of RF and myself and very excited to come here next year and hear about how someone took what we did and made it even better. Following our presentation we split up and hit some other sessions. I went to a session about Agile UX and how you need to let go of the ideas of massive amounts of documentation and focus on perfecting the little stuff that conveys the message. After that I joined RF and a bunch of other DC UXers for lunch and equally engaging conversation. After lunch was a brief stay in a session about “Upping your Game” and become a very well rounded UX professional. I was sad to step out of that one early but as a speaker at the IA Summit RF & I were interviewed for UX Matters – about what it’s like to be a UX Professional, what tools/tricks we couldn’t live without and other related topics. I have to say it was kinda cool to be recorded (on camera) for something like that. My afternoon involved sessions about “Effect Mapping” and good “Story Telling” and a closing keynote about “The Most Valuable UX Person in the World”. All full of more incredibly valuable and applicable information.

Now, I am taking a quick break. Putting my feet up, watching a little Fast and Furious (latest one) on HBO and planning on calling my BF to see how his day was and tell him all about our presentation. Around 7pm (mountain time) I am meeting up with RF and some others to check out some of the Summit poster sessions and find a really good place for a celebratory dinner.

Tomorrow is day 2 of the IA Summit and the schedule seems to have just as many interesting sessions planned as today’s docket. Here’s hoping they stand up to my now considerably higher expectations. I have a feeling they will.


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