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New Friends

Last night my BF and I attended the rehearsal and subsequent dinner for his best friends wedding. It was only the second time I’d met the bride and groom and the first time I’d met pretty much anyone else there. I had so much fun. They are such a fantastic group of people. I have a feeling today’s wedding and reception is going to be one of the best nights out we’ve had in a very long time. There will be food, drink, music, dancing and more laughs than you can imagine. These folks are completely totally crazy in the best way possible. They are just a great group of really happy people who’ve known each other a very long time. It’s a great great thing to be a part of.

One of my favorite things in life is meeting new people and making new friends. Even if they end up becoming people you only see once or twice a year there is something very fulfilling about meeting new people you really click with. I am not exactly what you’d call a ‘shy’ person. I am very social and am comfortable in situations where I am surrounded by people I don’t know. I can talk to just about anyone about just about anything. My parents would tell you that I started talking when I was a year old and have yet to shut up. I personally think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Sure, I can talk a lot. But over the years I have gotten very good at keeping quiet and letting others get a word in and I like to think I am pretty good and two way conversation. I am definitely NOT one of those people that needs to be the center of attention or the one talking all the time. I quite enjoy sitting back and listening to what’s going on around me.

Last night I did a lot of that – listening to the stories people were sharing. Most of the people our age at the party have been friends since middle school. Even the bride and groom went to school together, although they didn’t really start to ‘date’ until about 5 years ago. It was hilarious to hear them talk about those long ago school days. Everyone was fun and friendly and open to getting to know those of us who were a bit new to the group.

I know a lot of people that think you only need 1 or 2 friends in your life…. to some degree I agree with that. I think that everyone needs at least 1 or 2 people they would consider within their closest circle of friends. But there is also nothing wrong with having 3 or 4 or 5 you consider part of that inner circle. I would say human beings are innately coded to be surrounded by lots of people. We are, by nature, social creatures. Those of us on the more extroverted side of the scale draw a lot of energy from meeting new people and expanding that social network. That’s what was so great about last night. There was a ton of wonderful new people that I now consider to be part of that extended social network in which I live.

Very much looking forward to the wedding later this afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a picture or two I can share too (at least the tame ones) 🙂


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The Royal Wedding

Every girl dreams of marrying her prince charming and today one girl really got to do so. I am not one of those crazy ‘royals’ fans… but there is a certain allure about them. I was way too tired to wake up and watch the entire thing live this morning but I did get my BF to record it so that I could watch all the important parts – like the reveal of the dress and the actual ceremony itself.

I do have to say that all in all it was an incredibly elegant and tasteful affair. I did get a kick out of seeing all the hats the female guests were wearing. I would assume that Westminster Abby still holds with tradition requiring women to have their heads covered in some fashion. Every single female guest at on some form or headdress. Some were incredibly outlandish and kind of ugly. Others were very simple and elegant. Still others were fashionable fresh and new while still holding to the extreme elegance of the event. I think Victoria Beckham had the best outfit of the guests in attendance. She just looked stellar.

And Kate’s dress…. it was perfect. So simple and elegant and tasteful. It was definitely something that will stand the test of time. People will look back on photos of their wedding in 50 years and still say she was a remarkable bride. She was tastefully covered in lace and wore a full veil… which very few woman do these days and I for one quite like. She even had the blusher over her face (in incredibly traditional style) as she walked down the aisle. All in all I thought she looked fantastic. One funny thing that my mom pointed out when I spoke with her this morning was the she (Kate) looked a lot like my Aunt Pauline did on her wedding day… and when I think about it… she really did. It’s kind of an interesting thought.

So many people have been talking about how this wedding will breathe new life into the Royal Family in Great Britain. It certainly seemed so from the reaction of the people hanging out for hours to catch a glimpse of the royal couple. The Royals certainly seem to have come out of the slump they fell into after Diana was killed. The trick will be to see if William and Kate can live up to all the expectations people have for them now. Will they rise to the occasion and lead a resurgence in respect and admiration for royalty again. I think a lot of people are really hoping so. I just hope they can build a happy family and home together. That’s really all that anyone (even Royalty) wants out of life.

I do find it interesting to be getting ready to attend a local wedding with my BF tomorrow after spending a couple of hours this morning watching the Royal shindig. I know it’s not likely to be full of as much pomp and circumstance but I am sure it will be wonderfully lovely all the same. I love the happiness that seeps out of everyone at a wedding. You just can’t help but get caught up in the bliss and it just makes everything about the day seem absolutely perfect.

So congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and and even bigger congrats to T&A who will tie the knot tomorrow here in Maryland.

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