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Eating well

It’s a challenge… believe me I know. I have a huge weakness for ‘junk food’. About a year ago I was a member of weight watchers and was very actively monitoring what I was eating and generally making good choices. I was trying to get back into shape and train myself to make better choices overall. I did really really well on that program. The challenge comes in when you stop tracking and start to think you can ‘make it on your own’. When you’re not counting points or calories or writing everything down it’s hard to keep track of the choices you make during the day. It’s also a lot easier to stop being as accountable about the choices you make.

As you are very well aware I am sure, I was on vacation (at my parents house) last weekend. Celebrating both my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day. As you can imagine, there was no shortage of food or beer. Tonight as I was leaving work and feeling very tired (from the travel and the daylight savings time change) I was thinking about dinner. The simple choice – and the plan as I was leaving the office – pizza. Since I was gone over the weekend I hadn’t done groceries and had very little food in my apartment. I wasn’t really in the mood to go to the grocery store to get good for me food. Thus the choice to order pizza. It’s really the only simple ‘delivery’ around my place. As much as I love pizza – it’s REALLY not a good choice when you’re attempting to eat better and make proper food choices.

As I was driving home I started to think about everything I’d eaten over the weekend… A lot of it was very heavy, very rich (very GOOD) food. Add the beer that was consumed over the weekend and suddenly I was feeling very very bad about food. When you think about it – stopping at the grocery store, grabbing some salad and some pre cooked roasted chicken, and some fruit is really much easier and much faster than ordering pizza and waiting for it to be delivered. It’s also a much healthier choice. So, I didn’t buy all the groceries I should have for the week but I did get some good for me dinner options for the next couple of days. I also got some apples and grapes for snacking during the day – rather than hitting up the vending machine.

We’re only a few weeks away from the start of Spring – which leads to summer – which is bathing suit season. Since weight watchers last year I’ve been in the best shape I’ve been in since college and I really don’t want to waste all the effort that went into achieving that. I think it’s time for me to start making better choices again about food. I am quite active – with climbing and softball and working out with my BF a couple times a week. The warmer weather also gets me outside running around a lot more than I do in the winter. So if I can manage to keep the food choices in check over the next couple of months and continue to develop GOOD habits – swim suit season should be something that for once I will not dread.


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