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Obsessive “Tweaking”

So turns out it’s another late night for me. My previously scheduled little league practice was canceled but there was an 8pm coaches meeting that I had forgotten about. So between that, finishing laundry and packing for the trip to Denver the night kind of got away from me. And then there is the final ‘touches’ on the presentation deck for the IA Summit in Denver on Friday. My colleague and I have gotten lots of great feedback and some good visual design suggestions. We’re both slightly ‘obsessive’ about figuring out the details of how things LOOK within our deck.

After struggling to understand some of the visual design suggestions we’d received – and also explaining some of the things we were really adamant about keeping for various reasons I decided to work with our graphics guru to try and come up with a happy compromise between her thoughts and our thoughts about the presentation. I am confident that we’ll end up with the right thing but it’s putting us closer and closer to the midnight mark tonight. I want to have this thing finished before I go to bed tonight – actually it WILL be finished before I go to bed tonight. The hard part is that I MUST be at the meeting center tomorrow morning at 8:30 so I have time to prep for my 9am (all day) strategy/vision meeting. Since we fly out to Denver tomorrow night right after our other meetings end tomorrow’s going to be a super long day.

This presentation that we’ve been obsessively tweaking this week is first thing Friday morning. So while it’s great to get it out of the way, it’s also kind of killing us trying to get it all done. In the end RF and I both know that it’s going to kick some serious butt at this conference and we’re very very excited. But I am sure we’ll also be very very glad when it’s over on Friday. Then we’ll be able to chill and enjoy the rest of the conference.

But one thing I’ve noticed throughout the process is that both RF and I are complete and total perfectionists. We want every tiny little thing to be perfect. We both obsess over it – a lot. We’re constantly picking at the little things. The things that only one or two people in the room will ever even notice. If I really think about it this is a common trend with me. I am constantly iterating on my designs and my specs if I have the time to ‘play’ with everything. Part of that is why I tend to wait until the last minute to write all my specs for my development team. I can think through all the details in my head but if I write it down too soon, I obsess. I change the sentence structure and the grammar and the organization. I’m not changing anything about the CONTENT – just about the organization of it – and really – noone cares about that stuff but me.

So tonight is my very last night to obsess about this presentation deck. Once LT sends it back to me and I do a quick review to make sure that everything is still all set and works the way we expect it too – with animations and all that – I am done. Tomorrow’s flight will be all about memorization and practice. No more ‘tweaking’. Alright, we all know that’s not really likely – but I am really going to try hard to leave it alone.


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Late Nights

It seems that I have been posting later into the evenings in the past few weeks. Early on when I started this project I had the intention of taking 20 minutes during the work day to do my writing. I actually thought I would be able to start my day by writing. It’s never really worked out for me to write first thing in the morning. And lately it’s been getting harder and harder to find the time to write during the work day. But, despite that (and what I typically have going on in my personal life in the evenings), I’ve managed to keep it up. I HAVE written every single day since I started.

Some days – like tonight – it’s a bit down the to the wire. Ok really it’s only 10:50pm right now and it’s never taken me more than 1/2 an hour to write whatever it is that I want to say so tonight is really not ‘down to the wire’. But there have been a few nights where I was lying in bed realizing that I hadn’t yet had a chance to write for the day. Generally on those nights the post is created on my blackberry. That’s an interesting experience. When you’re trying to write an average of 500 words a day and you’re posting from a blackberry…. thumbs get a good workout I guess.

Tonight the delay is the result of a day long work offsite (which will be continued tomorrow and Thursday) and meeting up with miss LA for dinner. Since I haven’t seen her in what feels like forever we sat around chatting and catching up for quite some time. Since I was already out in Bethesda I had a 1/2 hour drive home AFTER dinner. Then I remembered there were movies to return (thankfully already in the car with me) and errands to run so I can pack for my upcoming trip to Denver. That and laundry which is what’s happening as I write this post.

Late nights seem to be something that’s becoming more common for me. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or not as I seem to require a lot more sleep to make it through the day. About 10 years ago I went one summer where I never got to sleep before 1am and never slept in more than 5am. Somehow I managed to survive on only 4 or 5 hours of sleep every night. I really don’t think I could do that anymore. I suppose (like the recent addition of the glasses) it’s a sign of getting older.

Even as I think about what else to include in this highly random post about ‘late’ nights I am realizing that in the grand scheme of things it’s not all that late. I should be fast asleep – with laundry and writing both done – by 11:30 at the latest. I don’t have to be up until about 7am so that’s almost a full 8 hours tonight. And yet as I sit here on my sofa attempting to hit my 500 word average for the evening I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I am taking that as a sign that I really just need to go to sleep rather than thinking of other things that need to get done – like the dishes and the tidying and bringing down the suitcase so I can pack and packing and practicing my presentation for Denver. These are all things I COULD do this evening. But I believe I will be better served by signing off and hitting the hay.

Night all! Sorry it’s severely lacking in interest this evening.

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