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Stubbornness & Injury

Alright, be honest! How many of you have ever ‘mildly’ injured yourself and then stubbornly refused to acknowledge that you are actually hurt and should probably take a break from whatever it is you were doing in the first place. Come on, I know we’ve all done it. Pulled a muscle running. Burned a hand cooking. I am most definitely in the category of extremely stubborn when it comes to pain and injury. I for some (admittedly messed up) reason I suffer through the pain and work my way through the tension and keep going… even if it hurts. Most especially if I am doing something I love and admitting it hurts would mean admitting that I really do need to stop and rest for a couple minutes, hours, days…

When I was playing volleyball in high school and college I quite regularly played through pulled neck and shoulder muscles, sprained wrists and strained knees. I even wanted back in the game after foul tipping and fast pitch off the bat and into my face, breaking my nose. I definitely didn’t want to admit that some ‘injury’ meant I was sidelined or couldn’t play. I was way too competitive (and yes stubborn) for that. Apparently in recent years not much has changed.

If you’ve been reading these even once a week (or you know me on a personal level) you know that climbing has become my recreation of choice these days. Well, yesterday was a typical Sunday afternoon climbing outing. Squeaks, my BF and I all hit up the gym (he was taking the safety classes so he could climb with us more regularly – YAY) and on my second send of the day I was gripping an under cling hold (sorry not taking the time to explain that) and attempting to get over a roof (sorry, not that one either) and as I pressed up (stood) I didn’t quite release my right hand on time – which twisted and ‘tweaked’ some tendons in my wrist. Yes, it hurt at the time – a lot. But after shaking it out I kept going and finished the climb. When I got down I told Squeaks what had happened but that I was ok and wanted to keep going and ‘work it out’. Since a lot of the time muscle stiffness can be easily worked out I figured that’s all I needed. Turns out it was a little more than muscle stiffness. As the afternoon wore on the tightness in my wrist got worse. Holding my hand in even a loose fist (required to safely belay someone) was getting really hard to do. Climbing simple stuff was ok, but anything that required any real tension in my hands or forearms to hold on or anytime I needed to put weight on my hand and press up hurt like crazy. I spent most of the night with ice on my wrist and hand (it’s the tendon in the outside of my wrist/arm that runs up into my last three fingers that is what’s hurt) and it helped, but it’s still pretty tender today. If I keep moving my hand it’s ok… but if I don’t move it or if I actually move it too much it tightens up again (actually typing a lot – which is required for this post – kinda hurts a bit too). Ugh, that’s all I have to say about this current situation. I hate being injured and am way to stubborn to really admit when I am – even here it annoys me that I am admitting it still hurts.

Tuesday (tomorrow) is our normal week night climb. And the logical part of my brain knows that I should pass on climbing and try and go another night later in the week – to give my wrist/hand time to heal. But the emotional/competitive/stubborn part of me really really wants to climb tomorrow night and not let a small injury like this get in my way. But, when my climbing partner (Squeaks) tells me no I am not allowed to climb until I can close my hand without flinching I guess I have to listen to her… After all – I told her stubborn butt the same thing when she broke her toe a few months ago.


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Pirates – Cheesy or cool?

A couple months ago one of my best friends moved from down the street (in Arlington) out to the Silver Spring area. While I 100% understand why LA did this (closer to work & tired of the nasty ass commute) it’s tough to go from her being a 10 minute walk away to her being a 30 minute drive away. We’ve been friends for about 4 years now and met shortly after we both moved here. We’ve been each other’s safety net as we navigate living in a new city and establishing a strong social and support network away from what was previously familiar. If you’ve been through this you can imagine the adjustments we’re going through at the moment. But we’re still making plans and hanging out. I mean 30 minutes really isn’t that far a drive.

Okay! I am sure that by now you’re wondering how the heck pirates fit into this story. Well, last night I went up to Silver Spring to see LA’s new place and check out a few of her new local hot spots. Our plan was dinner and then maybe a drink or two at the local pub. When I got there she had made plans for dinner but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. Just that it was a bit ‘unconventional’. With LA that really could mean anything so I didn’t really have many expectations. Turns out dinner was at this place called “Piratz” in Silver Spring. And yes, it really was all about Pirates. The staff were all dressed as pirates and ‘wenches’ and attempted to speak with the required “arrhg’s” and a general pirate brogue (rather unsuccessfully I would add) . There was Grog on the drink menu and full on smoked “turkey legs” and pirate stew on the menu. The music was attempt at capturing what I think they hoped was pirate sailing tunes but seemed much closer to Celtic folk.

All in all though I have to say that the experience was quite good. We spent a good portion of dinner trying to figure out if the place intended to cater to adults or children. Solid arguments could be made on both sides. The kids menu for sunday brunch included a sword fighting lesson – which I am sure is quite popular. But on the other side, the bar was packed (and apparently is most nights) and the evening’s entertainment was definitely on the more grown up side…

All in all I’d recommend checking this place out at least once. If for no other reason than the stories that will come from it. Like slightly unattractive mounds of cleavage (seriously not the kind anyone wants to see) regularly interrupting dinner and the belly dancing entertainment collecting tips in her skirt while shaking her way through the restaurant & bar.

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